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PSO seminar

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  • PSO seminar

    Well yesterday (Saturday) was the day of the seminar. We had guest speakers who taught us many insights into the world of real money poker. TJ Cloutier, Donna Blevins, Barry Tannenbaum (sp?), Lou Kreiger, Linda Johnson, and a couple of others all spoke to us of the real world of poker.

    It was both interesting and insightful. It started around 10 am and continued until around 5 in the evening I think. However it seemed like it went by much faster. Seems we were only there an hour or so instead of 6 or 7 hours of lecture. Hmmm maybe it was because it was so interesting.

    One funny thing. Barry Tannenbaum walked up on stage, a short stocky kind of impish sort of a man and starts talking. All of a sudden I realize I have heard this voice before. I study him for a while and finally realize that him and I had shared a 20/40 table at the Taj in Atlantic City about 4 or 5 years ago. We had played well into the night together talking and joking around. I was flabbergasted as I had no idea who he was when we played. Wow quite a shock.

    Donna Blevins was a great speaker, articulate and most of all funny. She has a real warm sense of humor and when she steps on stage you instantly like her. A rather large women as she stands somewhere in the 6 foot 7 range. I can't even imagine her in heels. sheesh. I talked with her afterwards and she was a delight.

    After the seminars I along with most of the others from PSO strolled over to the card room to see if there were any games going. hahaha.. 60 some tables going with satellites, super satellites, and big money live games going. Seen a couple of 50/100 holdem games going and lots of big money pot limit holdem being dealt. Funny to see folks sitting at tables with stacks of 100 dollar bills and thousand dollar chips in front of them. Makes your mouth water at the site of all that money. I just got to learn how to play pot limit omaha one of these day. Not to mention I could use a bit more bankroll to even sit down.

    The PSO crowd is wonderful and am having a ball talking and playing with them. I would mention names but am afraid I might leave someone out. I really don't want to forget anyone. I will mention a few here but this does not mean I meant to slight anyone else...

    Marks brother, movingabout, is a carbon copy of Mark. They look almost exactly alike. Both are such a joy to talk with.

    Indy Bob had to leave yesterday and he was so much fun. He was one of the folks that was trying to run Tunica out of beer the last few days. hehehe.

    NewJane is her wonderful and jolly self. Running around and always happy and smiling. She is great for lifting your spirits and just always a joy to see in the room.

    Oildoe and that black hat are a vision. I see her just about every night, if not at the tables then in my dreams. Just if she wasnt married. lol

    Freddieboy, zipman, shoelessjoe, jahana, astro, hammer, oh .. there are so many names to remember and wonderful conversations. I wish I could remember each and every name.

    Spiegel, it turns out I have been playing against from time to time while down here. I didnt recognize her at first and then the more we talked I realized we had played and seen each other many times here in Tunica. She plays here a lot and of course I come down quite often. She projects quite an image.. and lets just say when she walks into a room her nose is not the first thing that enters. lol. Yesterday she was wearing a tee shirt with the words FEDSEX on it. Looked like a FEDEX shirt at first until you realize the spelling. hehe

    Well today is the big event for the no limit holdem 500 dollar buy in. Many pokerschoolers in it and it should be fun. I hope all do well and we get at least 4 or 5 of us at the final table. I want to wish them all a great tournament and good luck.

    One thing I have noticed is all the folks talking about PSO here. LOTS of people at tables mentioning the school and talking of joining. I was amazed at the amount of folks who are planning on joining or at least checking out the site. All the comments I keep hearing are how tough the PSOer's are playing. A lot of WAY positive comments are being made here about us.

    Which brings me to a point. We are generating a lot of new customers for PokerSchool. TONS of folks here talking of joining and learning to play due to the example set by many of our players. So I figure we are gonna make Mark a ton of money in the next year or so.

    So... Mark... where is our cut? lol

    I am sure there is more but that is all I can think of at the moment. Hope you folks are all doing well and enjoying the reports. If I had a few more brain cells I would remember more but alas....

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    Looks like hazy is right about the community being Pso's best asset.


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      Was a joy to meet you and all the other pso member,Idrive down for the seminar only and found myself in pso woolwind member winning sat. all over the place i myself played my 1st live game and came in 3rd in my sat.(with my pocket KK being busted with a second board Q on river,other staying with KQ).Great senimar with loads of info! I myself was aproached by 3 other poker players telling me they will join as soon as they get home!all in that one day! would not suprise me to see at least 50 new players join this month!AND THE IS GREAT! JON "ENOCHO,"ENOCHS 8)


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        LOL Rick...super report...

        I am gonna be so lonely for you guys til I get back to Fargo and can really get in a tourney that doesn't time out every five minutes..


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          Ranger Rick

          Small world isn't it. Pleasure to meet up with you again and to find out you are a fellow PSO'er. I'll have to find a shirt that says "I'd trade these for brains". Can't wait to play with you again.


          r u saying I have a big nose lol


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            Great to get to met Ranger Rick!

            I just wish I would have done it $65.00 sooner, since Rick won the first Sat. I ever played