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non-trip report

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  • non-trip report

    OFF TO TUNICA!!!!!
    Everything started out great, after kissing Sweetie face goodby my best friend picked me up to give me a ride to the airport. Ariving two hours early I desided to hit the bar and slug down a couple of bloody marys, seems I fly better with them in me. After having four of them it was time to board the plane.
    Going thru the security check point they asked me step over to the other side for a minute On this other table was my carrie on with all the contence spread out. Right in the middle of it was a box cutter. ( I found out later the my Ex-Best Friend put in in as a joke and it had no blade ). I was then escorted into a room to be question They asked me where I was going and why?? I told them I was a menber of PSO and I'm going to a convention in Tunica and was hoping to meet up with a guy named Ben. At this point they took me into another room that was dark except for the brite lite that was in my face. Here they started asking questions so fast I couldn't answer them... Like #1 Does PSO stand for "Pakistan Secret Organisation "???? #2 Are you a menber of any other Gang's ?? #3 Why do you have a pic of Janet Reno in your wallet.??? #4 Why do you use the code name " KICK "????..#5 Is this Ben guy's first name Omar ???...WOW...At this point I tell them.. If you slow down and turn on the lites I'll answer then. When the lites came on the Lady that was asking all the questions was a Dolly Pardons look a like. I began with the answers..#1 NO!!, It stands for
    "Poker School on Line...#2 Yes!! I'm a member of the Over the hill gang..It's a car club. #3 I have a pic of Janet Reno becouse in 45 years of marrige Ive always been faithfull to my wife and if i get turned on while out and about I just take out the pic and it's a real tune off and I go home...$4 "KICK" is not really a code name but is
    short for my nick name "KICKSTAND" which the guys in school gave me becouse the name meat was taken....#5 I'm not sure if it's Omar or not...this is where Dolly stands up and asked "what is his name then ???? " So I tell her "BEN DOVER"....
    This is where they arrest me for non-coperation. When she comes to the part about...."what ever you say can and will be held against you" I don't know why but I yell out "TITS "
    Well I'm out on bail now and I'd like to ask Mark and Tina to please have next years convention close to San Diego as I'll be arriving by Grayhound Bus.......... .Thanks KICK :

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    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Too funny man


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      thanks for the laugh!!


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        When she comes to the part about...."what ever you say can and will be held against you" I don't know why but I yell out "TITS "
        ROTFPIMP.......If I ever get arrested by a female officer, gawd I hope I have both the memory and gaul to say that.......


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          That was tooooooooo much!