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LUCYYYYY I'm home...for now!

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  • LUCYYYYY I'm home...for now!

    Hi everyone,
    Home from a PSO weekend that shall go down in infamy. Yes, it's veryyyy late Sat, nite (Sun. am), and yes, I know I'm suppose to be at work.....but....
    From Thurs, am til now, I've had just about 3hrs sleep, with a nite of work (Fri. nite) thrown in for good measure.
    We were able to put together a "locked in" 3/6 HE game in the Goldstrike poker room, Thurs nite, and we started with a full table, each making a $100 buy in, and agreeing that when you lost that rack, you left the game. Good plan?? Well maybe in theory...but, since IndyBob, Bruno, FreddieBoy, and Astro, insisted that they could run the joint out of beer, this "contest" soon began requiring multiple trips to "make room" for more beer, so it seemed someone was needing to leave the game every few minutes. Problem??? Not for PSOers...a volunteer from among the constant changing of the dozen or so "railbirds" would simply jump in the seat and play the missing players chips!! At times there were as many as 4 "subs" in the game at one time. Everyone treated the chips with extreme care, as you can imagine....and I'm not sure that anyone ended up winning!!!! But, I'm almost certain, that most people laughed more and louder than they had in a longgggg time. We were very lucky, that the GS poker room, was so kind in tolerating what was no less than a "rip snorting", yelling, clapping, crowded, happy bunch of poker people, who I'm sure they must have thought were in therapy from some sort of "poker illness".
    It was a GREAT time!!!

    I would love to post here ALL the names of the great people I've met so far that are connected thru PSO and the poker world, but if I would dare, I KNOW I would forget someone, and I just can't afford to do that, as each and every one of them are just fabtabulous people!!!! This was and continues to be a very exciting, funfilled, poker event that is bigger and better than ever. I hope that the PSO conventions continue, and hope that we all meet up along the "poker trail" wherever we mite be showing up dor a game, or tourney...and continue to build on what have truly become friendships!!
    I'm soooo tired, that I just can't begin to go into all the other lil antedotes that have occured, but I'm hoping that in the next few days, that everyone who has attended and returned or will be returning home, will post at least one story that sticks out in their mind about their experience...the least of which was poker!!!