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    I would also be glad to spend time with anyone and pass along any knowlege I have in regards to the game of poker. Pso is all about learning and improving our game. Just send me a private message and I will contact you and set up some times to work on your game. I am sure I will also learn a few things as exchanging views is the best way to improve.


    I will even learn another language if neccessary


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      bad beat? 8O


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          MadP!! I know how you feel BUT, lets step back a little....

          I have been playing Omaha for a year now and learn something new every time I play. I think that the player you named is new to poker school, and even if not, a simple restating of the facts will suffice!

          Most people don't even get the basic concepts of Omaha never mind an intricate detail like dry-pot betting in this game!!

          Your offer to explain, should have been just that, an explanation, not a name calling list.

          You have much to offer people here at the school. I really don't understand the need of the more experienced players to single out players for their perceived incompetant play.

          I hear the tired old argument of THIS IS A SCHOOL, PEOPLE SHOULD BE HERE TO LEARN!!...Well, I don't know what kind of school others went to, but in my experience, there were all types of people there. People who naturally excelled, people who struggled to get C's and those who simply did not care. I know people don't have to be here and they pay money to do so, but we can't dictate what their learning curve should be!

          If I were the one you singled out, instead of reading your excellent explanation, I may have tended to say I am going to bet into a dry pot every chance I get when I am at a table with that MadProfessor!! :twisted: :twisted:

          You, and all of the other more experienced players here have a chance to impart your knowledge and make a difference here. I would like to gently suggest that it be done leaving names out of the wisdom imparted.....


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            stop beating around the bush. Tell us what you really think.


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              1.........I think you are a very good player, and I like you.

              2..........I OFTEN bet a 'dry pot' and yes, I will stick to NLHE


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                Oh My God!...I don't believe it...Another "self appointed expert" suffered a bad beat.


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                  Let me get this straight.

                  If I bet into a drypot I will cause you to fold the better hand, hence giving me a better chance of winning the pot??? Do I have that right??

                  Contrary to popular belief its not my responsibility to eliminate people. If I better my chances of winning a pot by betting, sounds like a good play to me.



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                    Re: Collaboration or just stupid

                    Originally posted by MadProfessor
                    A player who bets a Dry Pot in a hi-lo game whithout having the nut low or high hand is either just plain stupid or collaberating whith another player (protecting the other players hand).
                    I don't even think that statement is factually correct.

                    1. Let's assume you're a fair way from the money, so knocking out the all-in player at any cost is not a major priority, and that it's LO8.
                    2. And let's assume there are 2 active players (one of them you), and you are last to bet, on the button say.
                    3. You have A:d:3:d:T:h:T:c:, a good hand that calls the all-in (you might even raise to get it headsup, but never mind that for now), along with the BB (the other active player)
                    The board comes 6:d:8:h:T:s: (or many other plausible and very strong combinations), and the BB checks. You have top set and 2nd nut low draw. Not the nuts either way, but why wouldn't you bet? You stand to get called and still win both ways (or take 75%) or have the BB fold and beat the all-in both ways. If the BB has a better low draw (say A28Q, A2JK etc) but only a gutshot or backdoor chances to make any kind of high it would be proper for them to fold, as they're chasing to get half or quarter of a pot. This knocks out a player who might make their low and deny your 2nd-nut low 50% of the pot, and would leave you up against semi-random cards from the all-in which you can reasonably expect to beat both ways, or with high only if the board rags off with high cards.

                    I'm totally convinced "dry-potting" in hi-lo games is a fundamentally different concept than in HE, especially NLHE+PLHE where the all-in is often made by choice with a decent hand.

                    my 2p



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                      GOTTA LOVE IT!!



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                        I'm staying out of it

                        I will just assume the situation, that madprofessor was talking about, really was a dry pot situation where the bet truly was a mistake.


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                          My side of the story

                          Since the Mad Professor was also yelling at me about the same thing the other night I thought I would post my side of the story.

                          First off after the incident that caused this story I thought about posting but decided against it because I didn't think that we needed another story about someone being rude to someone else. I went to his web site to see if he had an e-mail so that I could post him directly and when he did not I decided to drop the matter.

                          However since he is bring it up here I feel the need to post.

                          First off you are right I have not read much about dry pot betting. If you look at my ranking you can see that I have only been here since November. I do not think I am a bad player but I am definatly learning which is why I am paying to be here. If I knew everything I could save my $15 a month and play professionally. In addition I can guarentee you that I am not stupid.

                          You state that I should stick to hold-em if I do not understand Omaha. However that is why I am here to learn. Again if I stick only to the games I know I feel I would be wasting my money.

                          You also state that I must be a cheat. Well I would not cheat in real money so I most definatly would not cheat for play money.

                          When you made your comment the other night I was going to make a point of reading up on dry pot betting, and seeing if I agreed with you. I have not done so yet but I can tell you that after you started your tirade the other night I lost at least one hand I might have not.

                          After seeing the cards at the end of the hand I had the best hand at the end of the flop and I can not remember who the other player was but he caught a card on the river and took a sizable pot. If I had bet like I wanted to he might have folded because he had nothing at the flop.

                          I may not change my play because of your comments but I will promise to at least read up the subject you mentioned.

                          You on the other hand can not expect everybody to play like you want them to, and name calling is something that was best left in daycare for children.



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                            VERY well said, Kethry!! Good luck to you and keep playing YOUR way. Continue to learn, as EVERYONE here needs to!
                            After being at the WPO in Tunica, and being a witness to how much FUN the PSO People had together, WITHOUT a bunch of "trash talk" and "downing" of other players, it is a SHAME that someone has to take their disgust to such an extreme here. If you don't like it, the solution is simple. Get the hell out!! Or, go play LIVE games, where NO ONE makes mistakes and EVERYONE plays perfect!! RIGHT!! LOL


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                              about your PS to help

                              Regarding the offer to help people in your 2nd post. Do you really think that anyone would want to spend time listening to you after you call them names, accuse them of cheating and basicly belittle them?