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Black Aces - OM Membership

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  • Black Aces - OM Membership

    I'm a commited Omaha/8 lover from way back and am ready to join the 14-step program (remember that Omaha players always get "2 more" then normal folks.)

    Please accept my application to join Omahalics Anonymous.

    Also - I'd like to nominate myself for Sargent at Arms (known in some circles as the "Cooth Master"). I notice that that position is currently unfilled.

    And if there's anything an Omaholic really needs it's constant reminders that, per General Washington, "the foolish and wicked practice of cursing and swearing ..." is one of the preferred ways to improve your winning ratio!

    "Crush me, squeeze me. Make me wine!"

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    Re: Black Aces - OM Membership

    Consider it done. If we get enough members, we may actually be able to have a meeting...



    • #3
      Hi - my name's rosita.
      I'm beyond redemption. Also, carp.
      Can I serve the drinks?


      • #4
        BA, I may qualify.

        --While I still love NLHE, I have actually found myself skipping a NLHE tourney to play in an O8 tourney.

        --I feel like I actually understand now: YOU HAVE TO HAVE AN ACE IN YOUR HAND TO PLAY (almost always).

        --I now rarely bet when I have a low only.

        Are these all signs???

        I am not worthy, but applying anyway,



        • #5

          I.....I....I have been getting my Aces cracked Heads Up Preflop in PLO For over 16 yrs...Binions 1986 do I qualify ( cronic PLO $$ winner at PStars) Help!!

          Tony D

          p.s. hmmm.... you seem to be short a Court Jester.


          • #6
            Alas, I too have forsaken my once favorite game of Hold 'Em for the mysterious game they call Omaha. I can't get enough of it. I can't sleep until I have played it. Multiple times. Please help me.

            Respectfully submitted,



            • #7
              i also have been having a fond interest for omaha. it seems to have a great twist and a new challenge, i even sat down to it live at the casino last week (only played for 10 mins my hold em seat was called and holding 4 cards felt strange, but would like to som emore eventually)

              can i be secretary of internal affairs?


              • #8
                As it's a long weekend here in Canada (Thanksgiving), I will be out of town until Monday evening. I'll consider everyone's applications then.

                That is, assuming I'm still not stuffed and sleepy from Thanksgiving dinner... 8O



                • #9
                  That is, assuming I'm still not stuffed
                  Er, are you a guest or the main course?? 8O 8O


                  • #10
                    :lol:Sitting down at my very first Omaha game in a B&M casino I didn't really know what I was doing. Was delt 6-7-8-9. To make a very long story short. Floped a str8, lots of action raked in a 300 pot.

                    First Time Winner was hooked forever.

                    Please consider my application for membership.



                    • #11
                      wait, wait, wait, stop the presses! i'm older than all of you (maybe even if you put together a couple)! i invented the crude but effective deception of jumping into the middle of the table and check-raising on the end! i must have a about the Omaha Sage :wink:


                      Time is the fire we all burn in


                      • #12
                        If you find that you need another warm body to fill some aspect of an Omaha group or association - count me in, tho as time goes by I get colder by the year............


                        • #13
                          Originally posted by rggator
                          BA, I may qualify.
                          MAY qualify? For someone who is as gifted at NLHE as you obviously are to be playing as much Omaha as you do makes you our Poster Boy.



                          • #14
                            Hey!!!!! What about me : aren't I at least worthy to be a mascot :?:


                            • #15
                              oops. ops: how did we forget pokerwidow1 , blackaces? i second her nomination.

                              she could be Education Secretary. she did afterall teach gator and myself a different use for the "£" sign :twisted: . it's very handy for when somebody bets the low only!!!!!



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