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Tunica and the three bears

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  • Tunica and the three bears

    Well I have no idea what that means either. Tunica? Three bears? hmmmm...

    Its the only thing I can think of at the moment for a subject line. Not even sure why I thought of the bears... oh heck I was up late last night playing poker and am only half awake this morning. Still trying to clear the cobwebs out of the brain. You would think that would be easy with this small of a brain but .... lol

    I got to tell you how much fun and invigorating it is to play and see the PSO folks playing here. You got to feel good seeing the jmuzzy's, hammers, etc, of the school doing well and kicking butt and taking names.

    The biggest problem is keeping all the names straight. Sheesh.. I will be sitting at a table playing when someone will stop by and say hi and wish ya luck and you know you know that face.. but with whats left of this weak mind a lot of times no name comes with the face. Sheesh. It is tough when you really want to say hi xxxxx and cant pull a name out of the archives of what was once a fairly competent mass of grey matter.

    Well for one thing I was one of those sixty's folks. However like a friend of mine once said.. anyone who remembers the sixties really wasn't IN the sixty's. lol

    It was heartbreaking to see jmuzz go out last night just out of the money. He was so geeked at being where he was and in fact so were all of us watching. He and his wife are such sweet folks and such a pleasure to be around, I was hoping he would make the final table. Alas he ended around 34th. Quite an accomplishment for all the players that got that far if you think of it. There were something like 682 players to start and these folks made it all the way into the 30's and above finishing position. Wow they beat over 600 other players.

    Lets have a round of applause for all of them.... hip hip hooooraay..

    Of course it was great to see Hammer going after the guys at the table and his great finish. He was sooooo tired and his eyes all bloodshot... prolly from the smoke in the room. Hmmm it is no smoking in there.. well maybe he walked out in the hall and got some smoke in his eyes there.. no... he wasnt out there much... hmmmm

    Maybe just maybe it had something to do with a few beers the night before......

    I am sitting here trying to rack my brain on the other finishers I watched play last night and sure enough the archives seemed to have closed on me. No names, nothing, wants to come forth so I guess that is all I will comment on for now.

    Myself I seem to be in some sort of a slump and cant seem to win anything right now. Played 4 sats yesterday and could get to third place but seemed to always run into a hand that killed me at that point.

    My BRIEF play in the limit tournament was as I said brief. Lots of time with no cards and then when I would get any kind of a hand it would get beat. I only remember playing 4 hands, one was AQ against Randy Jensen (sp?) a well known very aggresive player.
    I raised preflop and he was in the big blind and called. Flop came two blanks and a king rainbow and I checked. I was in a staring match with him and he would keep looking away when our eyes met. So I figured he was wondering what I was doing to him. I figured that he is normally the aggressor and the only weapon I had was staring right at him so...

    The next two cards were both blanks with no suit possibilities of flush and I checked it down with him. Actually I felt good about him checking it down as he normally is very aggresive. Oh and he showed pocket jacks for the win. I am not sure what caused the check down but was very amazed that he didnt bet it up as he had done so all night. Maybe it was me trying to stare him down.

    Note to self... stare down jensen any time you want him to back off a hand.

    The other hands I played were Tens, cracked, Queens, cracked, and pocket 8's. All of which I lost with and then was out.

    Oh well .... Sunday is the no limit event and I hope to do better there.

    Well it is off to the shower and then the PSO breakfast and seminars. Hope you folks are all having fun too. We here at Tunica miss you guys and hope next year you call ALL come.

    or is that you all come now hear.... lol

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    It was super to meet of luck in the NLHE on Sunday...and to the others also...