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kicked of a table?

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  • kicked of a table?

    After a sat I was talking to the other player and got booted after a few min we got booted off. did this always happen? I thought it stayed open longer than that. Now I missed out on all the insight on my game. Is there a way you can let us chat after a game longer?


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    it only stays open for 2 mins
    but anyway it 8 am here and i am waiting for breakfast before bed
    and any insight i might have had on awayones games
    at PLO8 really aint worth discussing lol

    one point i would like to add here is something that came up in this sat was that when there is 4 or 5 players left and 1 or 2 of them are not even at the table (forgot to unregister before leaving the server) when the players that are not there its in the best intrests of the players that are there to knock them out
    betting at this point to create a side pot should only b when you have unbeatable hands (both hi and lo if there is a low on the board)

    by betting with a hi or a lo but not both when the player not there could cost you a higher finish


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      I could not agree more Ironside. With the influx of new players, it would appear a lesson in team play is in order. While poker is no doubt a individual sport ther are times when players at the table should work together. there are several situations when this is not only appropiate but the only inteligent play available. One has been discused in the previous posts, the other is the well known dry pot situation. when 1 or more players are all in and you do not have the nut high and low, or atleast the nut high with a potential for no low ( DO NOT BET). A bluff in this instance just shows your ignorance or the game and disrespect for the other players at the table. Not only do you not win the hand but you allow a player who may have busted out to remain alive.

      I have seen players bet dry pots 4 or 5 hands in a row and I can only assume they are either stupid or collaberating with another player at the table. I am not sure which is worse, but in either case they should take up another game and leave the rest of us to enjoy a competitive game of poker. May i Suggest Kniting or playing with themselves insteade of poker.

      On this topic, I have given the nic of Tinman to Wizardofoz, a brainless player who just doesnt get it.