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Open Ended Straight Flush Draw

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  • Open Ended Straight Flush Draw

    How should the following be played? Did I play it right or wrong up to the decision point?

    This hand occured in the $200 $5k Added NLHE tourney Friday afternoon.

    Blinds $150/300 I have a decent stack at 17k

    I pick up Jd 8d on the button

    Two limpers, I call, SB and BB call $2k in pot

    Flop 9d 10d 2h

    SB checks
    BB Bets pot $2k (Leaves him/her with $6700)
    Limper 1 Fold
    Limper 2 fold
    I call
    SB folds

    Heads up - $6k in pot

    Turn Kh

    SB Bets all in $6700

    Whats the play? Was at a new table and did not have a feel for what type of player I was up against.

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    turn play is irrelevant if your going to limp cheese and get a near perfet flop it should have been all in where while although you are behind with open ended straight and flush draw you are favourite to win (unless he is betting nut flush draw)


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      Calling pot sized bets with drawing hands can be very costly, with your stack and a 4k pot I would have pushed in after the flop. Chances are you take the pot there but are otherwise an odds on favorite to improve to a made hand and a Jack may be an out as well.

      After the turn you have probably 15 outs, possibly less. Have to fold here.



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        Fold J8s. Then fold it again. If you are going to come into a pot from the button with junk, when the money is deep, raise and give yourself momentum and a chance to win if nobody flops anything.

        Had I played, I would have gone all-in on the flop. You are ahead of just about any hand that makes a pot sized bet and there is a good likelyhood that the bb folds and you take it down without a showdown. On the turn, you probably have to fold, unless you are against Crazylegs. Then you have a sure winner.

        Peace, Starrs LSOGC E2C


        • #5
          Looks like Ironsides beat me - actually I didn't even consider pre-flop action (I was thinking that he was the BB for some reason). Yep, if you are going to put money in the pot with a questionable hand like this you need to ask yourself what you are looking for. You got about the best flop you could have asked for, so if you are not willing to push in on this draw you should definately muck pre-flop and wait for something better.



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            generally, when you flop a very big draw, you want to play the flop in a way that allows you to put in the last raise all-in without overbetting the pot too much.

            In this situation, the flop action and depth of money was perfect for you to move-in on the flop.


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              I agree with everyone here. You were a big favorite on the flop and should have moved all-in and given your opponent a chance to fold.