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Cowgirls, Wildbills & Others

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  • Cowgirls, Wildbills & Others

    First, let me say I just spent half hour typing up this report, only to hit something wrong on this stupid laptop and delete it. So, if it turns up somewhere, let me know

    TUNICA, MS: PSO Convention NLHE Tour)ney ...

    When the dust settled, it was a cowgirl and a Wildbill.

    The tourney started right on time with 88 entrants. I am not going to spend time on many hands, who played them, etc. Cause I can only speak for my table...and mainly because I was in such a state of shock most of the night I hardly remember them I can tell you that MJportes was the first eliminated by BRUNO but I am not sure what the hands were cause I was busy at my table with my pocket tens -vs- WildBills pocket aces. He made a raise pre-flop and I went all in. Hey, I didn't know he had aces... I got lucky and made a straight, and after MUCH whining and carrying on, Bill finally GOT OVER IT and told me he still loved me One hand at our table that stands out was when ASTRO raised and Bill re-raised big and it folded around to ASTRO, who thought and pondered for the longest time before flashing pocket queens as he folded. Bill showed K-K and quizzed the table for the longest time as to how ASTRO got that sort of read on him to lay down such a good hand.

    I played along without much fanfare for the longest time. My goal was to play as long as I could on WildBill's money...just survive and perhaps eventually bust Bill and be the happy recipient of a VERY ugly bounty he brought. Tom the Hawk. Tom towered over the tables annoying the hell out of most of us ALL NIGHT. I can say this, if there were any consolation for not knocking him out would be that I didn't get stuck with that thing. Actually I was glad I didn't knock BRUNO out cause he had brought a FISHY pen for his bounty, and get this. Wildbill was the proud owner of Bruno's bounty when Bruno went all in and Bill called the short stack with J-Q ...Bruno turned over A-something and the flop came J-J-J. The turn was a Q like he needed that. Bruno left to much applause, laughter, and congratulations for a good game played.

    I am gonna post this now before I delete it again..part 2 will follow.

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    PSO Convention NLHE tourney, PART 2

    I always feel there is one key hand in a tourney that turns the tide one way or the other for me. Last night, it was when we were down to four tables. I was about average stack at that point, and hadn't had any remarkable hands. Just been moved to a table with some large stacks...I was on the button with A-J clubs. YES< the NEWJANE!!! Well, Win4Win went all in and it folded around to me. I had decided earlier I was going to make a big raise on the button regardless of what else had happened. SO I went all in to isolate him ...goblue84 folded his little blind. That left FreddieBoy. He looked at me and quizzed me good-naturedly about my play. I explained I had planned this my entire adult life. He said, "then you surely won't mind if I call..." as he turned over pocket Kings!! JUST MY LUCK. I finally get a good hand and the blind has a hand!! Well, the poker gods were smiling down on me as the club came on the river and I eliminated both of those super players! The race was on for me...

    I continuted to amass chips and I am not certain, but I might have been chip leader if not then second by the time we got down to 18. Unfortunately, I got cold cards for a long time...and stumbled into the final table of ten with the least chips at the table. Familiar territory for me for those of you who see me there on PSO. I had 7500 in chips, and the largest stack I think was Wildbill with about 38,000. While I was thrilled to be there, I was disappointed that once again I had no chips to maneuver with. However, I got some hands and before I knew what was happening, I was chip leader and had knocked out some guys and we were down to 4.

    BeLucky ( ladies, he is ADORABLE, and I think he has a little crush on me...), Spiegel ( complete with black stetson...) Wildbill with that Tom the Hawk still staring at us, and yours truly. At that point, those three were virtually even stacked, and I had about 20K more. I suppose my rationale was that I wanted us all to go away with a pleasant memory, and that was more important to me than the money at that point. SO I suggested what I felt was a fair deal and everyone agreed. BeLucky was first out after the deal, eliminated by SPIEGEL, and after tht, she was in the power position and soon after, I was next to go. I think WildBIll was so funny I could hardly breath he had me laughing so hard most of the night. He was a super sport being up against two women. He took some good natured ribbing from the supporters who stood around cheering for us.

    Speaking of railbirds...let me say this. you guys ALL deserved to be where we were. You all played super and after the tourney, Bill and I were winding down with some cheesecake and coffee...we discussed how we were impressed with the level of play. I simply did NOT see any stupid play at my tables ALL NIGHT. Not ONCE did I say or hear anyone say: HOW DID HE MAKE THAT CALL. etc. Now, I imagine someone said it or thought it...I just never heard it, felt it , or said it. I was amazed at how these folks played poker. I would be very surprised if some one from PSO doeesn't do very well at this WPO.

    Let me close by saying THANK YOU to the incredible people at PSO. Mark, Tina and ALL of you guys who stuck around when you didn't have to to cheer for us and make it all so much fun. It was an experience I will never forget..


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      Super Report, NJ! I'm almost ready to promise to hold my breath 'til next year!
      Good luck at the WPO!



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        What a great lady. A super poker player and more fun than you can ever imagine.

        Loved it when you had the dealer laughing so hard he couldn't deal. We'll plan some strategy against Wildbill, etc. for next year.