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Tunica Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Tunica Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well here it is 3:45 in the morning, and I just got back from Tunica! I met so many wonderful people, and its fun putting faces to some of the names. I had a great time in the PSO tournament!! I made it to the final table and was short stacked, so when I look down and see 77 in EP I go all in. New Jane calls me(ill get her for that later) and she turns over 88. I was the first one out on the final table, but I had sooooooooooooooooo much fun that it didnt matter where I finished. The PSOers were taking satelittes left an right and several were still playing while I was leaving!!! I know at one point earlier today I heard Tina say that there had been 57 sats so far and PSOers had taken 10 of them. Man, that is awesome. I watched a few of the sats andI have to tell you alot of people were getting lucky against our boys. They were taking alot of bad beats in these sats. I was hoping to party with all the PSOers tonight, but most of them looked pretty ragged and hungover, lol. I just decided to head home and let them rest for tonight. I will be going back tomorrow and saturday for sure. I will get in a couple of sats and I hope i can win one of them. Tomorrow it is PARTY TIME FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wish the rest of you were here!!!!

    cya all


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    Mr. T
    I was SOOOOO proud of you! You played a heck of a tourney, kid. I think part of what made it so special for me was the incredible support the other PSO'ers gave us who made it to the last 18. It was hard getting there and it was super to see people who had busted out of the money still smiling for us!

    Drive careful and see you today I hope!


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      Thanks for the report, Torax, and congrats on the GREAT result! I was crying me heart out last night listening to Freddie that I couldn't be there, man it sounds like you all had a ball! Love to hear more!




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        Torax!!! A pleasure meeting you, man! And you played a great tournament.

        Now it's time to start planning mayhem for the next convention!!

        See you at the tables!!!

        -Bart M.