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Remove Tourn./Refund Buyin

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  • Remove Tourn./Refund Buyin

    Before i get started, Hazy its good to see you posting again. Hoped you would change your mind. Things ain't quite as dim around here now.

    Now for my gripes and I think I have some pretty good cases here!!!

    Dear PSO Mgmt:

    I am requesting that tournaments 103609, 103610, & 103611 be removed from my results and that the buyin be refunded.

    #103609 - I raise 3xBB from button with AQs and mid position player reraises all-in with 83o( yes this player originally called with 83o). I call and player hits a 3 on the river.

    Next hand this player bets Pot and I think, by gawd!!!, two can play this game, I'll show him, and reraise all in. I have 94o (a better hand than he had last round) and amazingly his pocket K's hold up.

    I deserve a refund because this player didn't play by the book or rules or whatever with the 83o.

    #103610 & 103611 - I deserve a refund for these tournaments because as a result of the prior incident I accidentally put my hand thru my computer monitor and therefore couldn't finish #103610 which I was also playing and #103611 which I had signed up for.

    Thank You

    Oh, Oh, I forgot!!! While I'm at it, I also want a refund for #67802 from last November. While I was playing I was also surfing the web and accidentally clicked onto one of them nudie sites and all of the blood rushed from my upper body and head and I passed out cold.

    I don't know how I clicked onto that nudie site, I never even went to my Favorites list that night.

    And Oh, Oh, Oh, I want a refund for #103597 from earlier this week. I signed up for the tournament before downloading the new software. Then I got out and downloaded the new software.

    When I logged back into Lobby all that RED caused my eyes to cross and lockup. 8O My eyes didn't unlock until a couple of hours later when my wife got home and hit me in the back of the head with her shoe.

    I believe all of these situations were beyond my control and expect that PSO will honor my request and take the proper steps to remedy the situations.

    An acceptable alternative would be to simply amend these 5 results by placing me anywhere "In the Money".

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    Mark will be rectifying these situations for you immediately I'm certain. :lol: