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PSO.. i hope u understand

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  • PSO.. i hope u understand

    Writting this post is very hard for me,because I,m a proud person.... As we all know life is not easy at times, and we all have our crosses to bare... Listing to Freddie the Fish Show made me feel very sad....
    For those who dont know, Im 43 and I was born with Cerbral Palsy... I ,m very lucky because I lead a very wonderful life... There are alot of kids and people alot worst off then I.... I just cant get around that well anymore..... Traveling by myself is scary. As I listened to all the fun and success the PSO players were having, I wished I could drop my chutches and run to the airport.... But for me, travel and cash flow( like alot of people) ant that easy.... Ok I,ll
    stop feeling sorry for myself.... I.ll be there some day..... Maybe next time,if I cant get anyone from home to go with me , someone going from the school who lives close would let me tag along with
    them ....
    Thank You for allowing me to get this off my chest.... I feel alot better now.... Maybe I,m making poker to important... I HAVE A GREAT WIFE, FAMILY AND FRIENDS.. (and my dads cancer is in check for now) What more could I ask for.... Good luck to all the PSO Players here and at WPO...


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    Hey buddy I wish I lived close to you, I would help if I could. I know this is pointless, because I am no where near, but I am in spirit. I was impressed with something you did tonight while we played, and I appreciated it. You are a Winner in my book......


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      Sometimes it helps to get these things off our chest now and then, nice one! 8)

      For one reason or another there are many people who couldn't get to Tunica his time, so you are definately one of many there.

      However, here's to the future ones. I've noticed your undoubted courage in life is often reflected (and rewarded!) in your play at the poker tables and I for one look forward to meeting you amongst hundreds/thousands at PSO conventions in the coming years.

      All the best, bud.

      You have to laugh,
      Kevin - The Chuckle :chuckle:


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        If it's any consolation, many of us have spoken about our friends who were not able to attend. Even tho you are not here in the flesh you are here in our hearts.

        God bless are very high on my list of folks I care about on PSO.


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          Next PSO convention at CrazyLegs' House?

          Hang in there bud!



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            Crazyleggs, I also am home singing the blues as I too am not able to go this time round maybe next year I am hoping!!! Not sure where you live but if all goes well next time and I am able to go, I could stop your way going out and help in anyway I am able and of course that is, if you are able to go next time too!! Oh and of course that would depend upon you even wanting me too LOL!! :lol: :P I am there if you need me and I mean that sincerely!!!

            I have to warn you though I would prolly be dragging my hubby along but not to worry he does not play poker so no competition there, hehehe at the tables anyways. So if the Gods are smiling on us for the next PSO convention, I will give ya a shout and see what you want to do...

            Well take care and glad to hear your Father is winning his battle!!!

            cya at the tables... 8)



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              hi Crazy,

              It has been nice playing with you...You have improved so much!!..
              You are a good person, and i hope you continue your success
              on this site.....Im glad to have you as a friend.........Take care...



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                I can make you a promise that you will be at the next PSO Convention.
                I am sure that many of the members will join with me to make this happen

                Take Care and God Bless



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                  I wrote this because I wanted to be there... The replies have been wonderful... TY all.... I,ll be there some day... I didnt write this for u all to feel sorry for me.... Its just sometimes live dont seem fair, but after you have time to think about it, its more than fair.....
                  ty all


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                    Now here this "KIEFER" you have many friends here and you won't be left behind for the next one.
                    So hang in'll be signing autographs pretty soon!!



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                      PSO I hope you understand

                      Hi Crazylegs.....Gem56 here. I too am not able to travel as I am on oxygyn 24 hours a day. I also try to keep a positive attitude and just being here at PSO doing what i enjoy doing is such a great picker upper. I know that when they return from Tunica there will be lots of pics and i am going to make a special web page for them.. so hang in there I love ya!



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                        Saw lots of chairs in Tunica

                        Hi Crazylegs,

                        I have been reading this thread and thought I'd add my observations after returning from Tunica. This was the first time I was at a major poker tournament and I was overwhelmed by the amount of people there. If you can imagine a football field filled with poker tables that might help!!!! There were tables in the halls, in room, around corners, everywhere. In the midst of it, I saw several people tootling around in chairs. They seemed comfortable and confident but I think it was because they were comfortable playing in that big arena. With two working arms and legs I was not sure where to go or what to do. I learned a little and will learn more each time I attend such a big event.

                        I also played some small tourneys at the Grand. They cap the tourneys at 66 players. There was a player who was an obvious victim of Thalidmide. It was painful for me to see him manipulate his chips with only 2 fingers on one hand and 1 on the other. His arms barely reached the table. This man had been playing for years and he was not at all intimidated. This was my second tourney and I was nervous as hell.

                        I guess the point of this post is that poker tourneys can be pretty scary for anyone. As far as the traveling goes, you might want to talk to Pony Gee. I think she came alone from Kansas. She might have had to change flights, I'm not sure. Anyway, she made the trip in a chair and might have lots of good info on traveling.

                        As far as the PSO people go, you would have been welcomed with open arms. Everyone was nice, friendly, cheerful, and helpful.

                        If you decide to make the trip in the future, you can count on the support of all of us on PSO!!!!!!!!



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                          CRAZYLEGS,,,you don't live to far from my parents. I drove from Indiana this time. Next time, I will come and get you, dude!! In fact, I'm not leaving WITHOUT you! Of course, a lot of the PSO'ers might warn you about that. I've been known to be a little "crazy" myself, sometimes!
                          MISSED YA! Won't the next time! You'll be there!


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                            Just checked your profile to see where you are from. Indiana is a little far from California so I don't think I will be able to provide any help with the transportation issue but I will definiately help in any way I can. If Mark and Tina want to start a fund or something to help send you there I for one would love to contribute to it. No one should miss the next convention! It is the most fun I have had in 15 years. You just can't image the feeling of family that surrounds all of the PSOer's. You will have the time of your life and I can't wait to see the smile on your face and hear you laughing with all of the other PSOer's at the next convention.

                            To Mark and Tina: I can't image how difficult this was to put together but I have one suggestion. DON'T WAIT AN ENTIRE YEAR TO PUT ON THE NEXT ONE! Maybe schedule one in Vegas around the Orleans Open this summer or anywhere for that matter, but don't wait a year please!

                            Ricky Hard