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Congratulations -1st PSO Champ

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  • Congratulations -1st PSO Champ

    Congratulations to Spiegel, the first ever live PokerSchool Champion.

    1st Spiegel $3520
    2nd Wild Bill $1760
    3rd New Jane $880
    4th Be Lucky $528
    5th SDKid $396
    6th GoBlue84 $308
    7th Zadvocate $220
    8th Seadog $176
    9th DocH $145
    10th Torax $105
    11th Bruno $105
    12th MuzzeyJ $105
    13th TheHazyOne $96
    14th Guppy $96
    15th Shoeless Joe $96
    16th Rustoleum $88
    17th Keycon $88
    18th Astro $88

    There were 88 runners

    Had a blast and hope to see somemore of you next year.

    Take Care

    Mark and Tina

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    Wow! 8O What a top 3!! :surprise:
    Way to go winners, all of you!

    wishing I could have gone...... V.


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      Hmmmm, why aren't I in Tunica when there is obviously sooooo many fish in town?

      Peace, Starrs LSOGC E2C


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        Good Job all. In about 15 minutes you'l all be immortalized in the pokerpages archives here:


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          I would like to see one of the 3 wpo banners on the home page of pokerpages link directly to the pokerschool convention result.

          I would like one of them to stay the same.

          I would like the other one to say "Daily Video's from Mark

          Apart from that........ Fish you say??

          RonitF played a super satellite last night and made the final table amongst several pros. One of them Tom McEvoy and one other Chris Tsiprailidis. With 5 left and 4 seats available she took the money as business would have kept her away from being able to play in it.

          So far, something like 15 satellites won outright. The hardcore of the poker world are starting notice PokerSchool Online.



          • #6
            ok who is Rustoleum

            from my brief checking they havent played in any school multi and have no profile submitted
            so mark (or team) get him/her to submt a profile while you have them there.


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              ok my mistake found them on minpins stats
              still no profile


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                When I try and play the videos I get the message "Windows Media Player cannot find the specified file. Be sure the path is typed correctly. If it is, the file does not exist in this location, or the computer where the file is stored is offline".

                And yes I read the video help, though I have watched hundreds of video clips online before, and aren't a total fool, so I reckon something needs kicking, shooting or feeding your end.

                Can't wait to see what you all look like. Lucky sods.


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                  dont worry same thing here


                  • #10
                    I'm pretty sure Mark was putting those up himself, so I'll just blame him...8) Will have someone look into it.


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                      Right now we are having some problems with the link to our Media server, but Gavin is aware of this and will fix it as soon as he can




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                        Actually I would say PSO'ers have won in excess of 30-40 sats now (this just from what I have seen) - and this doesnt count the chops - every time you turn around you see a PSO'er at the final two of a sat.


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                          I can't find the videos...I find Nolan's report and other pictures and reports from the WPO, but not the PSO tourney video. Where is it?


                          • #14
                            It's on the videos/photos link for the WPO. The tourney is called the PokerSchool Online Invite. The video/photos link is on the front pages of both the school and pokerpages at the top of the page.