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    Hello everyone:

    It has come to my attention that some players are unhappy with the shows that Top2Pair and myself are doing on Friday nights. Whether it is the content, discussion topics, or opinions that are expressed on the show, I do not know. Some people have expressed that the show violates the ability to play fairly and that it is having a negative impact on the outcome of the tournaments we are covering.

    Myself and Top2Pair put a lot of time and effort (and $$$) into the shows that we do. We do them for the benefit of the players at PSO and to provide some exciting live coverage of the big tournaments. I am prepared to cancel our upcoming Friday night show and cease our broadcasts altogether. I do not want to continue to put my time and effort into a venture that is offending players and sending the message that I don't believe in fair play.

    I am asking for some feedback from anyone who has ever listened to our shows.

    Do you think our shows affect fair play in a tournament?
    Do you think our shows have a negative impact on tournament outcomes?
    Do you think our shows are offensive or otherwise insulting?

    I will let our listening audience decide whether or not the Top2Pair & Raiderman Show will continue or end, because you are the reason why we do the show in the first place. Thank you for your feedback on this issue.


    Top2Pair & Raiderman

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    This is the biggest bull crap I have ever heard. Who is complaining about the show send them to me. Your show is Amazing I love listening to you two you have me on the floor all night laughing.

    Here's my answers

    Do you think our shows affect fair play in a tournament?

    Do you think our shows have a negative impact on tournament outcomes?
    NO WAY!!!!!

    Do you think our shows are offensive or otherwise insulting?

    One thing I would like to point out:

    about 3 weeks ago I was one of the final 25 or so players remaining, I was on air talking to the Hosts', They politely asked me to leave the show while I remained in the Tournament so that no one would accuse them of being unfair etc. I left the broadcast. Someone please tell me how this constitues a negative impact on tournament outcomes?

    In my opinion these to gentleman put on a great entertainment value, Leave them ALONE. Who are the jerks out to ruin all thats good about PSO??? This radio must stay on the air, You guys get forced into quitting and I'm outta here, My brother 2. I never enjoyed the site so much untill I found out how to listen to the broadcasts(Freddie's to). What can possibly be wrong with 2 guys sacrificing their friday nights and personal money for the betterment of this community?

    Top & Raiderman are well educated on Poker and give an excellent entertainment value to the listener. If money is an issue I would like to Donate or help sponsor the show.

    Thief 21


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      If there are people complaining--all I can say is that we have some very "sick" people that belong to this site.

      Yours & Freddies show are great.



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        Who ever said that the shows are affecting the outcome of the T's is a Moron, I think the shows are very informative and an asset to the to the players at Poker School.

        Tony D


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          ditto to all above replys



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            YOU HAVE A GREAT SHOW!!!


            I WISH PEOPLE WOULD JUST SHUT UP!! :evil:



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              I have thoroughly enjoyed your show and I applaud anyone willing to put extra time (and even money!) into improving the site. Thank-you very much. I along with most of the site appreciate it very much.

              Having said that, I do have one issue with these broadcasts in general. This is not a specific criticism of you or Top2Pair or anyone else. I know this has been brought up before, but Im going to speak my mind and then shut up about it.

              I am a firm believer in one player to a hand. Let me give you an example of where I feel this rule was violated.

              This was during my first B&M N/L tournament; I had made it down to the last three tables. The player to my right was very aggressive and I believe not very experienced. He had been stealing my BB when play no other players had entered the pot. Every time he did it, I looked down to find junk so I folded. Blinds were $1000 / $2000 at this point and I had $14k before I posted by BB. No one else had entered the pot and he says casually
              Raise it $10,000.
              He had about $20k total. I looked down to find KQs and began counting my chips. He watched my activity with a look of alarm and groaned when I pushed all in, a raise of only $2k. At this point, his buddy who was playing to his right said
              What do you have, 2 7 offsuit? You have to call.
              Mr. Blind Stealer replies
              No its worse
              and continues to think for awhile. Of course I dont care what he has; I DO NOT WANT A CALL. And I think most people would agree that regardless of his holding the correct play here is to call. Well eventually, much to my relief, he folds. I was so relieved that I didnt say anything about his buddies comments, but I should have called the floor over. As it turns out, this hand enabled me to make the final table and the money. Would you call their discussion collusion? I sure would.

              Now lets say this hand is replaying itself here in PSO. We are nearing the final table and broadcasters are discussing the hand. The inexperienced, aggressive player raises $10k and I go all in for an additional $2k. The announcers correctly state
              Hey he has to call its only $2k more!
              In addition to lots of people on the rail and at other tables, this entire table is listening in to the broadcast. There are two or three announcers, experienced and known on the site as good players stating perhaps the obvious. How does our inexperienced player react in this situation? I believe 9 times out of 10 he calls. And when he spikes a 3 on the river to go with his 3 6 offsuit after the first four cards revealed neither a K nor a Q how do I feel? How would you feel? Is it really the same thing as making the play with no feedback from an announcer? The end result sure is the same.

              From the posts I have read, I guess my opinion on this subject is in the vast minority. And Im not going to stop listening to you guys, or Freddie or anyone else who cares to broadcast if they discuss hands while they are in play. It is yet another opportunity to learn from those with more experience than I and it does make playing here even more enjoyable.

              But if I had my druthers, announcers would not discuss how to play a hand while it is in play. There is always the chance that announcers have an impact on the play, especially with inexperienced players.

              One player to a hand. Seems reasonable to me.


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                joe and jeff, freddie and bruno are 4 respectable players. I am sure that "IF" anything is said that would influence anyone it is surely by accedent.

                The broadcasts are not run by the school, they run these themselves.

                They do not have to put the time, money and effort into them, but to it as a courtisy for us. Don't ruin it for those of us that enjoy listening to the show, view and opions of these fine people and those that call in.

                We are all grownups and should be able to make our decisions for ourselves on how to play. When a player acts (calls, folds, or raises) I am sure his/her mind is made up long before it is there turn to act and anything that anyone might say (or type into the chat) isn't influencing there decision, regarless of how long they hit the time botton for.

                If you don't like it don't listen.

                thank you everyone for your broadcats.


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                  Raider lets get one thing straight here....I went out and bought a BRAND NEW that I could listen to you and T2P and Freddie.

                  This is my 2 cents worth (.05 cents Canadian) I have invested a lot of money and time here at this school. I need all the help I can get, your shows with T2P and Freddie's shows are GREAT. They are very insightful for me as a relatively new poker player and are one of the reasons that made me consider coming back to this school.


                  I look forward to many more broadcasts.



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                    forgot one thing....thief21's comments...I couldn't agree more.



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                      Don't quit. Keep up the good work!


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                        The old cliche' about no good deed going unpunished seems true here. I don't know who or why anyone would complain about this, but to me it sounds like there is always one or more person whos' maturity level is not up to the point of keeping ones sour grapes to ones self.

                        Top, Raider, keep up the good work. And accept my personal thank you for doing this for us. Please don't quit. Also, I'll be happy to send you a check for contribution any time your personal funding is not adiquate for the porpose of continuing your show.

                        Don't quit.


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                          I can see no talk about a hand in a real $$$$$$ tournament or a PSO big event..... But people we are playing for FUNNY $$$$$$$$

                          Please do the shows i love them.... ty guys for all u do


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                            You have got to be kidding me. All this time I thought it was for real. :roll: :roll:



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                              you guys are better than freddie lets put it that way..........