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The Tunica Sat from HE-LL

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  • The Tunica Sat from HE-LL

    A lil quick tidbit for ya'll (that's how they say it down here) not here in Tunica. We're all a little bored, waiting for the PSO tourney to start so we decide to ante up $65 and play in a NL sat. 10 people buy in, 6 of them are PSO'ers. jbh5000 comes to the table, looks around, and says "what the heck have I just gotten myself into." Also at the table, in no particular order (obviously since I am putting Bruno first), Bruno, Zipman, RickyHard, myself and Shane and 4 poor unsuspecting souls.

    The first 3 out were non PSO'ers (one chap had the misfortune of having queens when I had aces). Zipman goes all in with TT and says "This one is for you Amy." and has them hold up against KQs. Hazy bluffs everyone at least 5 times and they all fold like the cowards that they are. The soul remaining non PSO'er was actually a damn good player, he limped with AA and busted Bruno who held AK. 3 handed it was myself, the non PSO'er and Zip. I was dealt AJ in the SB and made it 300 to go. The non PSO'er flat called. The flop was AJJ (have I mentioned that AJ is a monster) - non PSO'er pushes in with AK (how dare he play that trash against AJ) and I think about it for a second, and say, "Yea I guess I call." Hazy has 2 to 1 chip lead on Zip and they go back and forth for a while (they did agree to a $150 save) when they get it all in with A5 for zip and 77 for hazy. No ace for zip and hazy wins his first live action sat.

    Was a blast, especially against 5 other PSO'ers.

    More later, I promise.


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    Nice to see you posting again!

    Thanks for keeping us up on what's going on down there :lol:
    It is definitly appreciated!



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      You post is exciting news for PSO!!!!

      Keep up the goot play and remember what I said *** :lol:

      can't wait to hear more!!!!



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        Congrats, that's awesome.

        Keep the post coming from Tunica (man, am I kicking myself for not going?).

        Peace, Starrs LSOGC E2C