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Did I Play This Wrong?

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  • Did I Play This Wrong?

    I am in the BB, in a NLHE Multi Tournament. Blinds are 300/600, ante's at 100. Everyone folds, button limps in, Little Blind makes a blind raise of 1200. I'm holding 99. 1st question is,,,was I wrong to call? 9 comes up on the flop with a couple of overcards. Little Blind bets big, putting me all in. I call. I win the pot. Little Blind has AA and is complaining BIG time! Loser types a few comments in chat, questioning my play. Was it wrong?

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    A SB raise of BB with the button limping is begging to be called, not trying to take the pot pre-flop. Other middle to high pairs and any BIG Ace are equally likely, depending on the play to that point.

    The SB wanted a caller got what they wanted when they bet and didn't like the end result. AA is not a guaranteed win!!!!!!!!!!

    Whether the call was the right move depends on the stack sizes of the players in the hand at the time the action was to you.


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      I m by no means an expert - in fact, I am not very good (but I am trying to learn)

      I think you played this hand fine...

      The small blinds raise of 2X the BB was not enough to scare off somone holding a medium pair.

      If his goal with his AA was to win the hand right there - he should have raised 3-4x the BB.

      Instead he got greedy and wanted a caller (taking the chance they make a better hand on the flop - which you did.)

      As for going all in after the flop - you didn't say if there were flush or strait possibilities on the board so I will assume there were not - your worries should have been whether somone had flopped a better set. Did his raise of the blind lead you to thinkl that he had a higher pocket pair? I assume you have been watching him play for some time in that tourny and made the judgment call that he was playing a pair (or two pair)

      your set of nines certainly justified following through with this hand.


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        AA vs 99


        The SB played the hand correctly to get a call (he made a trapping raise) :wink:

        It's terrible to get AA and only take down the blinds and one limper. He has a three-way pot (almost ideal for his AA holding). As Trump says, it depends on stack sizes. If he was satisfied with a small pot his only option was to go 'all-in' pre-flop. :?

        The other point made by TJ is 'AA aren't always winners.' How true, if you never get called with AA and you only get the hand 1,2,or 3 times in a tournament (playing tight), you can't make the final table.

        Bob, you're play also looks okay. If you throw away every middle pair for a small raise (because there are many hands that are raised small, for whatever reason); you will not play anything. That's playing 'weak-tight.' Weak-tight play will not get you to the final table, unless you are extremely luckly ops:

        Once the flop drops, the AA commits to take the pot. It's just short term luck that he lost (this is gaming, isn't it). If you would have missed, he would have looked in the mirror and thought "How smart I am to collect a double bet from 2 or 3 players."

        It's a bitter pill when you loose with a premium hand but we're not playing 'results oriented poker' are we? Two players can make correct decisions (or close ones). Sometimes the cards play their way (not perfect for 'us') :lol:

        His critizism in chat was immature :roll:

        I am always delighted when I 'get all-in' or get calls with 'the best of it.' This is playing with the edges (right decision making). Sometimes the edges have slippery-slops attached but we have to 'live-with-it.' :idea: Only betting locks will not win much if anything?

        I have been beaten and busted many times with the best start, best flop, best turn, and here come the old river. I know I have played the hand extremely well. I shouldn't/wouldn't critisize the player who did everything he could to give me his chips. The cards just would not cooperate :x

        Just take this lesson to heart, when your AA's get cracked while you trying to make a little money with them.


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          Re: Did I Play This Wrong?

          Originally posted by Indy_Bob
          I am in the BB, in a NLHE Multi Tournament. Blinds are 300/600, ante's at 100. Everyone folds, button limps in, Little Blind makes a blind raise of 1200. I'm holding 99. 1st question is,,,was I wrong to call?
          Whether it was right to call depended on the implied odds you were getting, assuming you thought you needed to improve on the flop.

          Who had the smallest stack out of the raiser and you before his raise?
          How much % wise compared to this smallest stack was it for you to call?

          If it was >10% then you would not have had the implied odds to call. If you thought you were best, re-raise. If you thought you were behind, fold.

          If it was 10% or less, and you thought you were behind and needed to improve, then you may or may not have called to flop a set. It depends...


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            That was me with the A,A. I was just a little peeved at going in with the best hand again and losing. I actually thought you played the hand fine. The only hand I could put you on was A,K and I couldn't lay down here. Early on in my pso days I may have layed this hand down but found that people were coming over the top of me with nothing. This table was extremely tight, therefore I didn't make as big a preflop raise as I normally would.

            Sorry if I sounded harsh after the hand but that's the way I am sometimes.



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              If the table was full, with 1 limper the pot was $2200 to you. A 1/2 pot raise pre-flop is inviting callers with Big Aces, middle pairs, and possibly some other combinations. Unless the table was extremely passive you are not going to push someone off of a decent holding with that bet. With if the limper is expected to call, the BB is getting 4:1 pot odds to call. They are ahead against AK, plus other big aces, and ahead of a smaller pair, while a roughly 4:1 dog to a bigger pair.

              However, there is nothing wrong with that bet if that is how you play a majority of the time. If you only make pot-raises with big pairs you game is too predictable. In early position I would tend to make the larger raises and the 1/2 pot when in later spots. Except when I don't, that is.



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