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Tunica wild and wooly.. day1

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  • Tunica wild and wooly.. day1

    Well I have been coming to Tunica for a number of years now. With the coming of the PSO crowd it has changed things dramatically. Not to say that the PSO crowd is loud, and fun loving but there are a lot more smiles in the poker room the last couple of days.

    Last night I played in the super satellite and afterwards joined up with the PSO group. It seems to grow each day and last night we were up around 15 or so. They were all intent on imbibing in spirits and getting a 3/6 game going. I KNEW if I joined them (it was midnight or so then) that I would be in no shape to play golf in the open in the morning. So I wandered to the poker room and watched for a little while. There was laughter and stories going on and general merriment.

    I bid everyone a good night and headed to bed myself. This morning there were stories abounding about zipman and some pictures or something. Not sure what exactly that was about. But I hear there are going to be pictures posted somewhere....

    The PSO DJ Express golf outing was meeting in the lobby and I drove myself, Freddyboy, and StevieRay to the course. I must say I have seen freddyboy when he looked better. Rumor has it most of them got to bed around 6:30 this morning and StevieRay was awfully tired too. But all in all we had a great time telling stories and playing golf. The weather interceded and after 16 holes it started to rain. So being the melters that we are .. we all headed back to the hotel.

    Most of them were mumbling something about naps and such. Myself I didnt understand that as I feel fine. Not sure what these young kids are coming to nowadays.. lol

    Its around 3 pm here in tunica now and all is quiet. Sign up for the evening tournament is at 4 with the tournament itself commencing at 6. So I am expecting to see the rest of the crowd show up then.

    By the way.. met Tina, Marks wife and she is just as charming and beautiful as I had imagined she would be. Still working on what the heck she is doing married to Mark though. lol... just kidding Mark. Hey.. what you mean my membership has been terminated.. hey... I said I was kidding.... lol

    Well just thought I would give you folks that didnt make it a peek at the goings on here..

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    Thanks Rick - Wish I were there!