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quads double time

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  • quads double time

    in a omaha tounry you expect to get quads every now and then

    but today in the 6 am NLHE 100$ buy in
    i had and was able to show down quads jacks and quad aces

    i also hear that there was another set of quads on the other table

    has anyone had 2 sets of quads in a tourny before or seen 3 sets in 1 NLHE event?

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    I've had 2 sets of Quads within 5 minutes of each other in live holdem play. Won both hands and 1st & 2nd in thier High Hand of the Day jackpot.

    So that it happened in Omaha doesnt suprise me.



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      as i said omaha wouldn't surprise me
      this was no limit hold em


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        The other night in a NLHE I was dealt quads back to back hands. Has something changed in the Random Number Generator? I have noticed a lot of quad hands over the past couple of weeks. Just seems a little funny to me.

        Later, B~~~


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          Originally posted by Bdog
          Has something changed in the Random Number Generator?
          Nope. Just behaving randomly it seems. 8)


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            I saw a player show down quad tens AND quad sixes in the same hand in a limit Omaha 8/b cash game this week.

            Board was TTQ66.

            Winning hand was TT66.

            Guess who the idiot was with A2QQ that paid this off?


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              Originally posted by apryllshowers

              Guess who the idiot was with A2QQ that paid this off?
              dont know who?

              come on give us a clue


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                wednesday i hit quad aces on the flop in omaha, went to the river, but noon called my river bet (2 aces in my hand).

                later that same multi, (within about 20 mins) someone else it quads and then i was holding 44xx in my BB and flop quad fours. It was in a 5 am omaha.

                later that day, playing omaha multi again i floped quads 2 more times and in that same multi i saw quads by 3 or 4 other players.


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                  in answer to your question about 3 sets in a holdem tourney
                  i was at the final table of a pot limit holdem tourney at my local casino(67 runners)last week.
                  7 players left,i am on the big blind about 3rd chip leader.i am dealt kk,1 player calls the bb,the sb (also the chip leader)raises the pot,obviously worried about aces but not wanting to drop my cowboys i just call as does the other player.(really wish i had reraised lol)
                  the flop comes k 7 2 rainbow
                  sb raises the pot
                  i reraise the pot
                  other player reraises putting himself all in
                  sb reraises
                  i call
                  we are now all all in and show our cards
                  my kk
                  sb 22
                  mid pos 77
                  turn card 5
                  river 2
                  excellent i make a house on the river and am now big chip leader,oh no the dealer informs me 2222 beats kkk22,so i go out in 6th place
                  in the money (but not in profit after 5 rebuys and an add on lol)

                  stay lucky


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                    where about you play
                    my local casino only has about 30 players at the weekely game
                    and alot of players would be happy with only 5 rebuys and an add on
                    so only top 3 pay (unless a deal is struck early) but even 3rd would cover 15+ rebuys (even without a deal)


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                      hi ironside,
                      i play at the grovenor in luton beds.
                      tournaments are held every night with an average field of 50-80 players although during the festivals there is usually a maximum field of 140.
                      prize money is paid to 10 places but 7,8,9,10 rarely pays much more than 2-3x buy in



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                        I have had two nicee finishes in live tourneys here in Tunica this weekend and, in both cases, made quad jacks to eliminate a player. I cant wait to see some jacks in today's event.


                        Hmmmm, does this count as my trip report?


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                          this morning 7 am nlhe freeroll

                          got 7 2 os in the BB, no raise, floped a 2 checked around, then hit a runner runner 2, for quads.

                          later in same multi, pp8, utg, raise allin 800, 2 callers and floped quads,

                          everyone saw both.

                          i believe someone else also got quads in this multi...
                          happening way to much


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                            no sooner did i hit submit when quad J's came in this same event (not me)


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                              ok, i have played in 3 multi's this morning and the quad count is up to 8.

                              and that is just what i saw.