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british open v WPO

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  • british open v WPO

    with the WPO just starting and PPkev letting us know about the british open in the new pokerpages newletter i thought i'd have a look and see how the british compare

    over the 7 days the British open is on there is 6 events
    not bad seeing as we dont have any of that limit stuff to get thru

    then comes the best part
    3 of the events are unlimited rebuys
    the 2nd biggest event the £500 NLHE has 2 rebuys and an addon
    so then comes the events that a player can play if they get sponsorhip points
    £500 PLstud and the £1000 NLHE

    what is UK poker thinking
    no sats or super sats listed (though i think this will come)
    in the Brighton event this month they are holding sats to a rebuy event ??????????? what gives?

    now the reason i am making this post is in the newsletter keven said get a D seat win the big one 3 and get in all the events the VIC has to offer BULL get an x SEAT and its only £1500 ($2250 approx)

    oh and another thing in the Brighton even only 1 of the events has a dealer supplied nothing about dealers in the VIC if no dealers supplied whats with the £20 and £25 costs i know a few pubs that would quite happily supply us with tables (ok made not green felt ones) and let us play for the price of a drink.

    ok enough ranting on with the poker

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    Was that the Queen's english?

    UK poker sucks


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      Originally posted by Noodles
      UK poker sucks
      For once (just once :wink: ) I'm happy to agree.
      UK poker does, indeed, suck.

      UK poker rooms are closing left right+centre and being replaced by slots arcades. My own nearest rooms (Bristol, Reading, Torquay) have all I believe closed. Russell Sq. closed. Others under threat. Few tournaments at The Vic ...

      Freakin disaster area


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        Ironside wrote
        now the reason i am making this post is in the newsletter keven said get a D seat win the big one 3 and get in all the events the VIC has to offer BULL get an x SEAT and its only £1500 ($2250 approx)
        I did not specifically mention the British Open as its before the first Big One 3. I was really refering to all the big Vic tournaments in the coming year namely the European Championships their biggest Event and the Poker Classics 2003. I am sure that the tournament entries for all the events over $500 will far exceed an x qualification and was merely using the Vic as an example as its well known in the UK. I am sorry if I mislead you Ironside but I was merely trying to point out the value of the Big One 3 so that players do not think they have to enter some big US tournament.


        never trying to mislead but always being misled


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          as they havent published the events for the european ETC,ETC
          i had to go by whats listed and quite frankly i am shocked and disapointed by the lack of non rebuy events.
          its about time that poker players stood up ( i am excused from that as i aint stood in 13 year)
          and let the casinos know what we want.
          if most people want rebuy events then so be it but i think if a count was taken more people would enter more events if there wasnt rebuys
          i think the media (that includes pokerpages) should lead the revolt.

          as for cardrooms closing down its because of the TORY party dropped the restrictions on the amount gaming machines could pay out its a fad another 5 years and all the gaming machines will start to be removed as the people stop using them as they work out how much the casinos take from them.


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            The Vic do not want more people entering their events as they are filled to capacity for nearly every tournament and there is usually a waiting list as long as your arm for the hold'em events. They make the events expensive with rebuys because they are trying to cater for the players who regularly attend with deep pockets.


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              so really its a british open by name only then

              a really british open would have

              200-1k buy ins no rebuys

              i think anywhere that offered that would have the biggest event in the UK

              then a poker classic to finish with with a large buy in (to attract the names)

              i am thinking about going to some sort of major event this year not sure which where or when yet still looking into it
              but will be put off playing anything like the events listed so far by the rebuy factor cause the rich twits will try and buy a stack early
              the only events i have seen that i could play is the £500 NLHE MAIN EVENTS that a few places offered last year
              i was hoping to enter a side event and maybe watch a main event but i guess these places dont even allow people to watch.


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                I think the quarter million is a big buy-in freezout. That's what I'd use PSO sponsorship for.


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                  I played in a few £50 NL (super) satalites for the last Quarter Million at Walsall (which is a really good place to play poker by the way) and found them very playable, more so than the usual PL kamikazi Re buy games and I should've won a seat with some luck!

                  Only 61ish entered. At £2,500 a seat the total prize was over £150k but some way short of a QuarterMillion (again).

                  I agree though, I still think this is the one to enter over here. I watched some of the final table play and it certainly didn't scare me, nor was it a crap shoot since the structure seemed to allow proper (whatever that is!?) play.

                  You have to laugh,
                  The Chuckle