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Trouble with New Client?

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  • Trouble with New Client?


    Many of you may be having trouble since the new update this afternoon. We've isolated the problem and are in the process of fixing it right now. The problem only seems to be effecting those users who have their screen resolution set to 800x600. For those of you having the problem you can temporarily work around it if you set your screen resolution to 1024x768 or higher. Once we have the new fix implemented we'll make another post and you can download the new(est) update and set your resolution back to 800x600

    To change your resolution, right click on an open space on your desktop and chose Properties in the menu that pops up. The desktop properties window will pop up and you will want to click the tab that says "settings". From there you will see a slider-bar for screen resolution. Set it to 1024x768 for the temporary fix.

    Thanks for your patience,

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    the upgrade didnt work for me..and i dont think because of resolution. i got the following message after downloading the upgrade.

    FATAL: Joker. GIF was not preloaded
    stacktrace: java.lang.exception: need stacktrace at com.pokerschool.client.

    and several more lines of error and exceptions after that....

    I also uninstalled the software and reinstalled it...same thing....



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      ok i tried the resolution

      AWESOME INDEEDY!!!!! :h:




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        you guys are smart i admit was my resolution.........

        very nice lobby.......woohoo..............wtg poker pages



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          soooooo red!




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            sooooo hot!!



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              Version 2.15b is now released, which should fix the fatal error those using 800x600 screen resolution have been getting. Those with the fatal error have three options to resolve it:

              1) Obtain the update manually by clicking Start Menu->Programs->PokerPages Software->Check for updates from the internet. This should launch the update program directly (bypassing the fatal error in the client), and once it installs version 2.15b you will be back to normal.

              2) Change your screen resolution to 1024x768 or higher. You will then be able to run the software as usual, which should prompt you to download the 2.15b update.

              To set your screen resolution to 1024x768 or higher -- right-click the Desktop, choose Properties, click the Settings tab, and move the Screen Area slider to 1024x768. After receiving and installing the update, you may change your resolution back to 800x600 and restart the client.

              3) Perform a full reinstall of the software. Follow the normal steps at


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                TOTALLY AWESOME! wtg PSO Staff !!!!

                What a treat for us folks who cannot get to Tunica! :lol:

                Atleast the new software is a bright spot on a bummer week
                for some of us :mrgreen:




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                  PSO staff,
                  I did the update and encountered the same problem others were having. Read this thread and changed the resolution to 1034X768 it worked. I need the bigger resolution (old age, ya know?), so I went back, deleted the whole thing and reinstalled again, with the resolution back to 800X600, instead of the 1024X768, and it does the same thing as before. Says I have version 2.15b, but, I can bring up the sign in screen, log in and get to lobby, but when I try to bring up a table to observe, it brings up a blank screen, and then nothing will come up and it is impossible for me to close out anything, even using my task mgr. What should I do?



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                    Please could you tell me what version of JAVA you have by clicking "about" in the lobby


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                      Welcome to the club PG. You just need to turn the computer off, restart, go to display and change the resolution to 1076x760 or whatever. If you have the "Get Update" on the desk top, select it, then run the .exe pgm from the desktop too. Need to select put "stuff" to desk top when asked. After everything is upload, use normal procedure to enter lounge. You can go back later and send the other three programs to delete from desktop file.

                      Damn, I hope this works. Need to wait for ok to go back to 800x600. I can't see what I typing at this resolution. LOL.

                      Good luck with the gang in Tunica.


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                          JAVA = 1.4.1_01

                          I reinstalled the PP software while in the higher resolution then changed to 600x800 and now it works.


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                            Pokergoddess and beeker, your issues should be fixed now with the client update v2.15c. As always, please let me know if that is not the case...