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New Client Version

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  • New Client Version


    - Completely revised dynamic lounge which includes: games divided into tabs, tournament times displayed in local time zone, payout structures, constantly updating server time, player stack sizes and chip leaders, and periodic updating of all game information.

    - Tournament Info screens with full player and table lists, bust order, current level in the game structure, and time remaining until the next level.

    - Up to two side pots will now be displayed on the table when needed, at 1024x768 or larger screen resolution only

    - Hand evaluation in the chat log for all shown hands, with full low hand evaluation

    - When opening and closing many tables, memory usage is significantly decreased

    - A progress bar is now displayed while waiting for tournament tables to rebalance

    - The 'Show Fun Play Events' option was removed, and instead a new Default Tab setting was added allowing for defaulting to either the PokerPages or PokerSchool Online tab at startup

    - Allows only bets in increments of the minimum chip size specified in the game structure

    - When a player mucks their hand, a 'Mucks' message will now be displayed on the nameplate and their cards will be immediately moved to the muck

    - Rake display on the table for raked ring games

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    It is awsome.

    Thief 21


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      I can't get in

      any keeps saying fatal preload



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        Gavin sent this email internally. But I thought it would be a good idea to post it here. This shouldn't be necessary for most users. But just in case you are having problems, try this:
        Tim just told me that someone he advised to do the reinstall was still
        having problems -- it sounds like they actually just reinstalled from an old version, so here are instructions you can copy & paste to anyone on doing a "clean" reinstall:

        1) Uninstall the software
        - Click Start Menu->Settings->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs.
        Find PokerPages Software in
        the list and click Remove.
        - Just to be sure, delete any of the old files that are still
        on your computer. Double-click My Computer, C:, Progam Files.
        Right-click PokerPages Software and choose Delete. (NOTE: this
        is assuming you installed in the default location
        C:\Program Files\PokerPages Software).

        2) Delete any old installers (PPSsetup.exe) that may be on your

        - To find them follow the instructions here:
        - When you get to the final step, right-click each PPSsetup that
        appears in the list and choose Delete.

        3) Download the new installer.
        - Click the link below and save the file on your computer where
        you can find it later.

        4) Double-click PPSsetup.exe (which you just downloaded) and follow
        the instructions.


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          I followed all of the above steps and am receiving the same error message.



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              It is anyone with 800 x 600 (or smaller) screen resolution. You can increase your screen resolution for now or wait for about 1 hour and we will have a fix out there on the update.

              It will be better if you increase your screen resolution and then take the 2.15b update BEFORE you switch back to 800 x 600



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                Version 2.15b is now released, which should fix the fatal error those using 800x600 screen resolution have been getting. Those with the fatal error have three options to resolve it:

                1) Obtain the update manually by clicking Start Menu->Programs->PokerPages Software->Check for updates from the internet. This should launch the update program directly (bypassing the fatal error in the client), and once it installs version 2.15b you will be back to normal.

                2) Change your screen resolution to 1024x768 or higher. You will then be able to run the software as usual, which should prompt you to download the 2.15b update.

                To set your screen resolution to 1024x768 or higher -- right-click the Desktop, choose Properties, click the Settings tab, and move the Screen Area slider to 1024x768. After receiving and installing the update, you may change your resolution back to 800x600 and restart the client.

                3) Perform a full reinstall of the software. Follow the normal steps at


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                  I had the new software installed was navigating through the screens and it was VERY sluggish.

                  When my satellite came up, all I got was a blank screen. My computer locked up.

                  I uninstalled, reinstalled. Same thing.

                  It tries to bring up the satellite, and my computer locks up. I have a new computer with XP and 1.7 gigs, 528K memory etc...

                  So I do not know what the problem is.

                  My advice to not do the update until the bugs are worked out.

                  Can I get the old program back?


                  PS right now I am playing on my wife's computer and that will not last.


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                    rggator, can you check what Java version your software has? Click About in the lobby to find out.

                    Gavin Scott


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                      Updated. Crashed. Uninstalled. Reninstalled. Crashed. Now what?
                      Yes, I have the most recent version of Java. Yes, I am at 1024 x 768. You have a big problem.


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                        Tried again. Uninstalled. Found Poker Pages folder still on hard drive. Deleted. Downloaded software. Installed. Opened new version of client. At the welcome screen, when I click login, I get the error message, "Assertion Failed!"



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                          I am going to do the most reasonable thing. Glass of wine. Bed. Good night.


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                            JUST FINE FOR ALL YOU COMPUTER WIZZES!!!!!!! What about us that havent got a clue as to what to do even if you have given us directions. Like it sounds soooooo simple to some but believe me I will just screw up my whole computer if I start pushing buttons.

                            ps: why cant they just fix it from there. I cant be the only dummy here


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                              Today's a new day? Right? Uninstalled client. Downloaded client (surely it has been fixed overnight). Reinstalled. Load client. Crash! Message="Assertion Failed!" Guess I need to be more assertive.