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10 x 2000 = 2050 ?

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  • 10 x 2000 = 2050 ?

    Just played in a sat, finished second, and I noticed that as all the chips were pushed to the winner that there were 50 more chips than there should have been.

    Has anyone else noticed this? Can anyone explain why it happened?

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    One of the changes to the software. They're colouring everyone up out of the lowest-denomination chip when they're no longer needed, rounding everyone up to the nearest increment of whatever the next-lowest chip is. Makes it a bit more like a real tournament (except in a real tournament, they'd race the chips off).


    Blinds go from 10/20 to 25/25. I have $940 at the 10/20 level; I'm rounded up to $950 at $25/25 (getting rid of the excess reds, which aren't needed at 25/25 and beyond, and rounding up to a green). If I had $955, I'd go to $975.

    Same happens, for example, going from 150/300 to 200/400...any excess greens are coloured up to one black chip.



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      One other note is that there are currently some minimum chip values set in the server that don't correspond to actual chip sizes in the client (e.g. a $50 minimum chip, when it should actually still be $25 since there is no $50 chip). We will be fixing that the next time the server is taken down for maintenance. Also, the new client being released today will allow you to see game structures including the new minimum chip values at each level in the progression.

      Chip races are planned for the future, but will not be implemented for awhile. It will likely be around the same time that we do draws for seating at the final table in tournaments, since both of those things will essentially be miniature games.