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Multi payouts

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  • Multi payouts

    :? I confess. I am not familiar with real life, actual cash play. I haven't even played that many multi tourneys to notice the payouts. Probably due to the fact my tourney rankings never got close to the money. However, having played and finished at the final table, I took the time to watch the final play and pay, today.

    Whats up, the winner of the $500 freeroll got $202? It seems to me that the winner ought to get more than 50% of the the pot, regardless of the number of entrants...certainly not less.

    Same thread different scenario. The sats, where I have spent most of my time and effort. Now with 3 positions paying, once again the winner is screwed. Most of the $ to pay third place came from the winner's pool. To pay third place, the winner gave up $45 and the second place gave up $15. Whats up with that? Again, the winner of a satellite ought to get more than 50% of the prize pool.

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    In a pure sense, why pay more than the winner. The winner has to accumulate all the chips. Flattening the pay-out is to encourage participation.

    Frankly, I would never play a "winner take all multi-table event." The tournament would never end. There would be no incentive to gamble with less than AA to start (you are broke; you are done).


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      This is one of the reasons I am not big on tourney play when i go to the casinos, i will play if cheap or to take a shot, but the money is really to be made at the ring games. Think about it...

      If you sit down at a 10 player ring game and after every time a person goes broke stands up and is never replaced eventualy 1 player will wind up with all the chips at the table. In a tourney, however, the winner has to give up a big chunk.

      If you have 95 players in a tourney, the winner is giving back about 60% of the money, does it seem fair? But is life?

      Also, your seccess rate in a ring game will probably be greater. By the time you get to a final table, the antes and blinds are so large that it is more of a crapshiot and luck is needed more skill, since just about every hand may be a allin or fold situation.