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Font kerning -- just do it

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  • Font kerning -- just do it

    This new font SUCKS. Period.

    In player ID's like "Tomcat" the "mc" runs together, and the "po" in "pokermike" does, too. A player nick like "REBLUF" has a huge gape between the "EB" and a much smaller one between "BL". All of these things (and MANY others) make this new update virtually unreadable.

    I'll be uninstalling and re-installing the old install, which I kept.

    Don't mess with fonts if you don't UNDERSTAND fonts. If you're going to use sans-serif fonts, move to a proportional font, and set up decent kerning pairs to make it as readable as possible. If you're not going to move away from a fixed-width font, at least pick one where the character spacing and font face doesn't do the stupid junk above.

    Beyond this, the "Pokerschool" background on the table, while "pretty", combines with the "pretty" flashing player discs to distract you from who bet and how much. I used to be able to just look at the center of the table, and KNOW how much was bet. No longer, since it's obscured and befuddled with useless graphics that don't serve the MAIN purpose of what we do here -- to play POKER.

    The graphics tend to make it more DIFFICULT to play poker, and these changes will probably have me spending less time here.

    Please reconsider (and judging by the response, I'm not alone -- next time, please do some focus group testing to see if the changes you want to make will improve the game, or detract from it).

    VERY disappointed in the new look.

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    VERY disappointed in the new look
    I am even more disappointed in the decision to waste programmers' time/effort on even dealing with the "look" (which wasn't all that broken) instead of the very real functional problems - so bad that the members had to do the statistics display that should have been a routine part of the site long ago.

    ADBJester and minpin (and others to some extent) did things that clearly were of more use in a poker school than anything to do with the "look" of the place. Nobody comes here to look at the site, we all came to play/practice/learn which requires attention to the workings of things.

    This is a universal problem on the Web with enormous numbers of sites that have been designed by print graphics specialists who totally ignore functionality so that the main use of many sites is to get an 800 number to call to order something.

    How sad.


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      Horrendous Font Change!

      Please change the font back! Or, at least offer a reboot for those who prefer the "old font". This new font makes the scrren too "crowded" and it's difficult to follow what's going on becuase all the space is taken up with these new graphics.



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        i actually like the new look much more than before...


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          In the post by PocketRocket topic - New Upgrade

          Shawn posted an alternate link to the 2.12 version. which was the prev one.

          You have to uninstall the software and delete all files from hard drive....than download the older version.

          I did, since I had problems installing the new one, and the old one works fine.



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              We are aware of this font problem.
              You need to go into your settings on the software lobby/lounge and check or uncheck the smooth font setting, and see what difference it makes to the text.

              If this makes no difference, then it maybe because you have 1.3 java version, so you would need to download the full version of the software from pokerpages or pokerschool, and this will give you the java upgrade to 1.4, and then you can once again go into the settings on the lobby/lounge and check or uncheck the smooth font function.

              I had the same problem last night with the fonts and once i did the above it looked fine.

              We have had positive and negative feedback on the new graphics, and we thank you for your input as it is important to us.
              We will be changing the gold disk to something not so bright and also making the timer button more visable and toning down the pokerschool logo.



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                Originally posted by MrsPokerPages
                We are aware of this font problem.

                while your at it, how about fixing another problem in the chat. when a person says g1=good one, the numeral 1 becomes an l (L not capitalized) and it looks like gl


                Time is the fire we all burn in


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                  G1 Shadrak, I find that annoying too.
                  Gl in getting it changed.

                  I never updated, because somewhere it said it was like Pokerstars, which I hate, and also, with some of the feedback she's heard, my wife won't let me anyway, lol.




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