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EE2C 2002- the PANTHERS

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  • EE2C 2002- the PANTHERS

    EE2C was founded by El Pres-I-Den-Ttee Andy to promote GOOT play. The criteria for the monthly EE2C was a minimum of 200 games with a high percentage. The criteria for the year-end EE2C continues that tradition while adding two special categories.

    The PANTHER Class: Panthers are tree-dwelling cats. They are the most patient animal on the planet. They wait and wait for the perfect opportunity. Monkeys are their favorite food, and a PSO monkey’s chips are the tastiest. So don’t monkey around with these players, or you’ll be saying IGHN.

    Panther # 20: Hukilau. 546 games, $32,859, 70.06%. This Hawaiian Hunk has been stealing chips since PSO started. You better post and fold if you are at his table or you’ll be in the Poi House.

    Panther # 19: rggator. 736 games, $11,489, 70.30%. How did this low-lying muck dweller get in with all these sleek cats? I’ll have to check with the membership committee chairman WildBill. There HAS to be a mistake.

    Panther # 18: Debonair. 379 games, $13,612, 70.10%. Always the question with this sophisticated feline is whether he has AA or 54o. And guess what, I never can figure it out.

    Panther # 17: Cockroach. 360 games, $36,843, 70.31%. You try to squash this bug and death and pestilence will follow you from table to table. He is a Big Bet Cat.

    Panther # 16: rbminn. 505 games, $22,950, 70.44%. If his play is any indication, this cat wakes up on the wrong side of the bed a lot. AGGRESSIVE!

    Panther # 15: Black Aces. 373 games, $11,817, 70.54%. They call him Mr. Omaha. And this Chapter President of the Omaholics club knows the odds of each of the 5277 Omaha hands hitting. That is one massive brain. A hint: If you want to beat this guy, bring your housecat to the poker table.

    Panther # 14: FreddieBoy. 567 games, $38076, 70.58%. They call this guy Mr. Mike, the golden voice of the PSO airwaves.

    Panther # 13: kleetymo. 234 games, $11,911, 70.64%. In his profile he says: “Playing here has been a pleasant experience for a beginning player.” Yeah right: Like his picture, which shows him dressed as a nerd, he is one heck of a Texas Tall-Tale-Teller. But hey, this is poker, we can tell a few tall tales.

    Panther # 12: Dreams32097. 313 games, $20,744, 70.77%. This guy got 2nd in the WPO Round 3 challenge. If it weren’t for a suckout on one hand, you’d be seeing this guy on TV and you would not be Dreaming.

    Panther # 11: Dealmein. 205 games, $27,603, 70.78%. The trick to beating this guy is to NEVER dealhimin.

    Panther # 10: Hitman. 327 games, 71.31%, $36,261. Did I mention that this guy’s motto is: “gimme your chips or else.”

    Panther # 9: minpin. 340 games, 71.36%, $24,983. This stat cat is running scenario analysis to see how many bad beats there are out there. Current count: 13,067,895,421. and that’s just since PSO started.

    Panther # 8: PocketRocket. 552 games, $19,303, 71.92%. Another Omaholic. This cat is on the prowl to learn NLHE. Is no game safe from the rocket?

    Panther # 7: thehazyone. 405 games, $18,920, 71.95%. Hazy is how my thinking gets when Aaron tries to explain the finer points of the game to me. The most clear thinking player on the site, he always knows where he is in the hand.

    Panther # 6: The Chuckle. 208 games, $34,251, 72.16%. Again, you gotta laugh with this cat. Just bring the Kleenex too.

    Panther # 5: pspitalnic. 229 games, $39,683, 72.22%. Paulie is too goot for the likes of this little tabby. I tuck my tail and run when Paulie is in the pot.

    Panther # 4: JCastle. 451 games, $33623, 73.07%. Intimidated is what I am when I see JCastle at my table. Floorman!!! Table change, please.

    Panther # 3: depraved. 203 games, $17,601, 73.19%. A $40K paycheck at the World Poker Finals for this big cat. One of the nicest guys at PSO, except when you’re in his pot. And it is HIS pot.

    Panther # 2: apryllshowers. 268 games, $26,810, 73.39%. Perhaps THE most aggressive player at PSO. This cat plays a lot of big bet live games. Anything from $20/$40 Stud Hi/Lo to $200/$400 Texas Hold em. Don’t mess with the showers, or you’ll find yourself STUCK in water WAY too DEEP.

    Panther # 1: pokermats. 278 games, $58,094, 74.27%. Alien3???

    Play GOOT!

    (Randy, rggator)

    EE2C: The only club at PSO to promote GOOT! play.

    Please note the following disclaimer: EE2C makes no claim as to the accuracy of this information. All percentages and amounts were compiled as of DECEMBER 30th, 4:15 pm. Please note this is a YEAR-END EE2C, so we have tossed the over the last 200 games, and $10,000 in bankroll criteria for this month. All rights reserved, EE2C, MMII.

  • #2
    The Poi house... :lol:
    Great stuff! I know you really put a lot of work
    in these creative commentaries... thanks for the chuckle...


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      Wow, 2 lists in a week, wait until I tell my mom! Thanks again Randy, good stuff

      And thanks for Hukilau :wink: (see above, heehee)

      You have to laugh,
      The Chuckle :chuckle:


      • #4
        Clever as always, and congrats to all of these cats!