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bad play...serious bad play

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  • bad play...serious bad play

    i think that was a really lauzy play

    would like to see how you have play this hand, in that position,


    on flop


    200 buy in - no limit holdem

    avg stack around 14 k

    Starting hand #12385061
    jconn starts with $9,088
    Tony D starts with $4,925
    Big Jerry starts with $11,450
    Acesfull001 starts with $23,174
    Jige starts with $20,725
    buffalohead starts with $12,675
    Mike G. starts with $13,850
    "spades" starts with $24,700
    pode starts with $13,363
    Mike G. has the dealer button


    "spades" dealt down Kd Ad

    jconn posts the ante $50
    Tony D posts the ante $50
    Big Jerry posts the ante $50
    Acesfull001 posts the ante $50
    Jige posts the ante $50
    buffalohead posts the ante $50
    Mike G. posts the ante $50
    "spades" posts the ante $50
    pode posts the ante $50
    "spades" posts the small blind $200
    pode posts the big blind $400
    jconn calls $400
    Tony D folds
    Big Jerry folds
    Acesfull001 calls $400
    Jige folds
    buffalohead calls $400
    Mike G. calls $400

    "spades" raises $800 to $1,200

    pode folds
    jconn calls $800
    Acesfull001 calls $800
    buffalohead calls $800
    Mike G. folds

    >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ 7c Tc Td ]
    "spades" checks
    jconn checks
    Acesfull001 bets $400
    buffalohead calls $400
    "spades" calls $400
    jconn calls $400
    >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ Jc ]
    "spades" checks
    jconn bets $400
    Acesfull001 calls $400
    buffalohead calls $400
    "spades" called time
    "spades" calls $400
    >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 5s ]
    "spades" checks
    jconn checks
    Acesfull001 checks
    buffalohead checks
    jconn shows cards Qd Kc
    Acesfull001 shows cards Qh Jd
    buffalohead shows cards 6d 6h
    Acesfull001 wins $9,250
    Acesfull001 won with two pair, jacks over tens

    spades 8)

  • #2
    $2,450 in the middle before it gets to you in the sb. Four limpers all in for $400 each. I think your raise of $800 is weak and serves little purpose.

    You have a decent stack here and I think you should have been more aggressive preflop. Raising $800 only results in building the pot giving everyone the odds to call those weak bets all the way to the river.

    I would have raised 2k preflop to try and take down the pot preflop or at least get it heads up.


    • #3
      If you are gonna raise a field of limpers out of position, then charge them a premium price for having position on you. Raise 1.5-2X the pot, or limp. I probably raise if it is worth winning now, and then take it from there. Probably call an all-in preflop, or bet all-in on flop if called.


      • #4
        Everyone plays differently. This is how I would do it.

        After all these limpers, I would just limp along too. I personally would not get a lot of chips involved this "relativelly" early in the tournament. I would be looking for a great flop like A or K hi with 2 diamonds. I would probablly stick around with A or K high, but my action would depend on other action in front of me and the flop.

        I hate that flop 7c 10c 10d. YUCK.

        Lots of ways to loose money. And if someone has A-10, J-10, any 10, or 7-7 , or any 2 clubs, you are in bad shape.

        I would not put any more money in the pot. After the flop you are either hopeing for runner-runner diamonds AND That no one has a full house.


        Hopeing for an Ace or a King of spades or hearts. (Only 4 outs---You sure do not want to see the A or K of clubs come) and that no one has a 10.

        This was a great starting drawing hand, but tooo many players and a flop that does not help you. Just look at your 24K in chips, think happy thoughts, and wait for a better chance to get those other peoples chips.

        I am not computer-savvy enough to post the link, but Ciaffone has a good article in this month's Cardplayer Mag about A-K called "Slick"

        This will get you to the home page, then click on "read articles". And look for Ciaffone's article.


        • #5
          thats my original tough

          limp along with everyone and see what the flop brings

          due to that i made that stupid bet which only make the bb to fold

          on that lauzy flop i believe, (even with my lauzy raise preflop) if i made a big bet everyone fold to me

          only the pp 6s were ahaed by that time and i dont believe buff call my bet

          i really doubt it that everyone fold to me preflop if i made a bigger raise..and that depends also on the size of the raise

          thnx for your oppinions



          • #6
            spades i am getting annoyed at you printing names on every hand
            if the hand analysis tool removes the names for a reason the same reason should apply here

            i would also suggest when you get a hand like this you copy the hand number and ask for it to be put in for hand analysis thats why the tool is there.

            if you ever print my name in any hand even if all i did was fold i will be very ANGRY.


            • #7
              why all this with the names on the hands

              really dont see the point

              i will not put your name if you be happy with it

              anyway i dont know how that stuff works ...removing the names automatically ??

              need you to explain it to me pls



              • #8
                when you get a hand number goto the hand analysis forum
                put a quick discription of hand and the number under the new requests thread and hey presto in a day or 2 you see it without the names.
                if PSO leave the names out for a reason that same reason should apply here
                the only time names should be mentioned is when a play owns up to be the person in question.


                • #9
                  Bad play yes, by you Spades.

                  Raise more or just call. Your raise of 800 was a pot building raise as said above.

                  On flop, you missed. If you had raised more you could have represented an overpair and bet out large (or allin) and still have outs if called (provided someone does not have a ten0. Since you only raised small and built up the pot, it is not likely anyone with a pocket pair or a flush draw will fold on the flop if you bet. There is a bet and a call when it gets back to you and you simply call? BAD BAD BAD play. Either make a move on this pot or give it up (I would have folded). On the turn it is again bet into you and you call. WHY? You have a gutshot and 2 overs (and you could not know that you had 2 overs, you may very well have been drawing dead as many people play JT).

                  I think your play of AK suited was terrible at all stages of the hand. About the only correct play you made was when you checked the river. Seems like you simply fell in tlove with that pretty AKdd and decided that you deserved to win with it. Withyour play of this hand you became yet another PSO "put your chips in and pray" player.

                  Don't despair, you can be cured. Play your AK strong next time.


                  • #10
                    absolutely apryll

                    when im saying bad play im speaking about me...nobody else but me

                    i never mention, or intend to, that any other player on that hand have play bad

                    glad you saying i can be cured...ship me the medecin pls..hurry

                    this is one of the hands that (after that all bunch of limpers) i dont know what to do

                    i felt if i raise be i got called or reraised....i should had limp in and bet big on flop (or fold) cause that flop is a scary one