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EE2C 2002- the LEOPARDS

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  • EE2C 2002- the LEOPARDS

    **********EE2C 2002----THE LEOPARDS***********

    El Pres-I-Den-Ttee Andy (stkjk) and Vice El Pres-I-Den-Ttee Randy (rggator) would like to thank everyone for their faithful reading of EE2C posts. More importantly we would like to congratulate all those who made EE2C during the year.

    Remember, EE2C was founded by El Pres-I-Den-Ttee Andy to promote GOOT play. The criteria for the monthly EE2C was a minimum of 200 games with a high percentage. The criteria for the year-end EE2C continues that tradition while adding two special categories.

    So here we go:

    The LEOPARD Class: These cats can change their spots, and often do during the course of the tournament. PSO Leopards are known as the best stalkers in the world; they will patiently wait, camouflage their hand and attack at just the right moment. Then it is too late. You are the poor woodland deer who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. To be in the Leopard Class you must have over 200 games, a percentage above 69% and over $30,000 in bankroll.

    Leopard # 11: tko14. 337 games $20,243, 69.44%. This guy has played with World Champs and it shows. He makes the rest of here at PSO look like Chumps.

    Leopard # 10: YMINNV. 440 games, $35,551, 69.61%. His game was so hot in December, YMINNV was my dark horse pick to win the Big One this year

    Leopard # 9: wstwst. 654 games, $60,455, 69.66%. This guy is so tricky he has spots on his spots. Do not mess with this feline, he KNOWS how to snatch your chips, quick as a cat.

    Leopard # 8: Hukilau. 546 games, $32,859, 70.06%. This Leopard traveled to Foxwoods to play with the really big cats of the poker world. He finished 9th in the $10,000 buy in NLHE event, beating out no names like Phil the Housecat. Here kitty, kitty…

    Leopard # 7: Cockroach. 360 games, $36,843, 70.31%. Wait, how did an insect get in with these cats? Cause he is one heck of a big bet poker player, that is why.

    Leopard # 6: FreddieBoy. 567 games, $38,076, 70.58%. This Cajun Cat got 6th in the Big One II. WTG Freddie. He also has a poker move named after him: It’s called the FreddieBoy Feeler Bet. He wants to see if he can proceed just a bit further in the pot. He got that move down pat in high school…hey, don’t ask…

    Leopard # 5: Hitman. 327 games, 71.31%, $36,261. When this former member of the Genovese Crime family came to PSO he made us all a deal we could not refuse: Gimme your money or else. I give him my money cause the "or-else" is even more brutal than a one-outer bad beat.

    Leopard # 4: The Chuckle. 208 games, $34,251, 72.16%. This guy’s motto is: “You gotta laugh.” Well that is true, except when I get involved in a pot with him. I always end up crying then.

    Leopard # 3: pspitalnic. 229 games, $39,683, 72.22%. Paul, I cannot figure out your game. I know it is a goot one, but I never ever can put you on a hand. You truly are a PSO Leopard Class player.

    Leopard # 2: JCastle. 451 games, $33,623, 73.07%. I call this cat TOPCAT, as he never fails to TOP my hand.

    Leopard # 1: pokermats. 278 games, $58,094, 74.27%. You’ve heard of the movie Alien 2?

    Play GOOT!

    (Randy, rggator)

    EE2C: The only club at PSO to promote GOOT! play.

    Please note the following disclaimer: EE2C makes no claim as to the accuracy of this information. All percentages and amounts were compiled as of DECEMBER 30th, 4:15 pm. Please note this is a YEAR-END EE2C, so we have tossed the over the last 200 games criteria for this month. All rights reserved, EE2C, MMII.

    Next Time: THE PANTHERS.

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    Just putting thses in order



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      Gee, my first ever list, thanks Randy!

      btw, this isn't a sneaky way of calling everyone a big pussy is it? :wink:

      You have to laugh,
      The Chuckle :chuckle: