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Just for a laugh

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  • Just for a laugh

    Thief 21 dealt down Ts Ad
    gutshooter posts the small blind $75
    MR KEGWEISER posts the big blind $150
    lonestar folds
    delta234 folds
    Thief 21 raises $225 to $375
    Big.Ben folds
    daisy777 folds
    Major calls $375
    Pokergoddess folds
    gutshooter calls $300
    MR KEGWEISER folds
    >>>DEALING FLOP<<< [ Ac 9h 4s ]
    gutshooter checks
    Thief 21 bets $225
    Major calls $225
    gutshooter folds
    >>>DEALING TURN<<< [ 6s ]
    Thief 21 bets $675
    Major calls $675
    >>>DEALING RIVER<<< [ 6d ]
    Thief 21 bets $600
    Major raises $975 to $1,575
    Thief 21 called time
    Thief 21 calls $975
    Major shows cards 5h 6h
    Major wins $6,225
    Major won with three of a kind, sixes
    Starting hand #12373778

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    What's the point of the post?

    Over in another thread people are discussing why raising with AT on deep money (even with better position than you had here) is a bad move, and it's true. You 'made your hand' when the A flopped, then bet around 200 into a 1000 pot? You're losing to AK,AQ,AJ or Ax 2-pair, never mind a set. The whole hand is a great example of why trap hands like this should be avoided (except the unnatural daftness of the winning hand) .And, yeah , Major does that kind of stuff. That's the way it is.


    • #3
      thief as we were disscussing on the table last night it would have been wrong to fold any hand to the flop bet it was just a plain stupid bet.
      the turn bet wasnt much better giving a player 5-1 odds to call is not how NLHE is played.

      apart from calling the preflop bet major played the hand the way i would of.


      • #4
        I found the funny thing to be that Gutshooter folded.....lmao


        • #5
          I don't remember saying that the other player did anything wrong in my post. The reason was just for a laugh, you can laugh at me if you want.