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WPO satelittes!!

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  • WPO satelittes!!

    I am trying to find out what the starting chips, starting blinds, and structures are for a holdem satelitte during the WPO. Any info wil be apreciated!!!!


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    I've been told that at the $500 level, the chip count will be 200 and the blinds 10-20 to start. If true, this is a joke.



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      It is true, that the starting chips are $200 for the $500 ($65 buyin) satelites. I'm not sure what the blinds start at, but my thinking was that it's $5/$10, with 15min. rounds.




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          Any cash for 2nd place, or is the juice $150?


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            Each satillite usually pays the buy-n plus the fee for the next designated tournament. The vig is usually $100 to $110 per table.

            No money for second unless you strike a deal with the other player.

            a. When it's down to 2 players, chip leader may offer to pay the chaser 1 or 2 times the buy-n depending on chip status to avoid the dramatic change in chip status that may occur in 1 or 2 hands.
            b. If chips are near equal then you may decide to chop up the chip or chips by players who recognize skill levels are close.
            c. When it's down to two you can agree to pay the second place his/her buy-n back (gets the loser into another satillite).
            d. Some players will make a last longer bet @ $5 or $10 per player for player finishing second place. But I usually avoid the last longer bet, I don't want to compromise my actions thinking about last longer pay offs.

            These kinds of arrangements can speed up conclusions and allow you to play more satillites. They also cut down on the variance on satillite play (one table events are set up as all or nothing).


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              The winner in a $65 buy in satelite gets a $500 buy in chip and $50 cash. The vig (to the house is $100). The $50 is acutually given back in cash, in hopes that all or at least part of this is given to the dealer as a toke. The dealer is paid the whopping sum of $15 for dealing a satelite, that can take anywhere from an hour to one and a half hours, depending on the action. It's cetainly not neccessary to tip the entire $50, but I would hope that everyone would remember, that these people are working for $15 or less per hour dealing satelites, and a nice tip makes it at least worthwhile for them to be agreeable to deal these. We bring in approx. 100 extra dealers for the month of Jan, who have expenses to come and be here, and can only continue to have an adequate number to meet all the requests for games and satelites, if the players remember to help out by tipping your dealers!!!
              Thanks for remembering to be kind to your dealers, chip runners, food servers, and all the staff!!



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                Something's Wrong, pg

                First, let me say that I ALWAYS toke the dealers in a B&M game or tourney. And I normally follow the 2.5% to 5% rule I've read about in books and magazine articles.

                BUT - what's wrong with this picture??
                - the house vig in this sat is $100. They then pay the dealer only $15 out of that - retaining $85 as profit.
                - and then make the point that it's up to the winner to "compensate the dealer for the low wages."