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2002 Yr-End EE2C Pt 1-CHEETAHS

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  • 2002 Yr-End EE2C Pt 1-CHEETAHS

    **********EE2C YEAR-END ROUND UP**************

    Has it really been only one full calendar year since PSO has been around? Yep, and this also marks the end of EE2C’s first year of existence.

    El Pres-I-Den-Ttee Andy (stkjk) and Vice El Pres-I-Den-Ttee Randy (rggator) would like to thank everyone for their faithful reading of EE2C posts. More importantly we would like to congratulate all those who made EE2C during the year.

    Remember, EE2C was founded by El Pres-I-Den-Ttee Andy to promote GOOT play. The criteria for the monthly EE2C was a minimum of 200 games with a high percentage. The criteria for the year-end EE2C continues that tradition while adding two special categories.

    So here we go:

    The CHEETAH class: These are the fast runners, the ones that get a lot of chips early and simply outrace you to the finish line. To achieve CHETAH class status you must have over 200 games and over $50,000 in bankroll.

    Cheetah # 9: bhat. 499 games, $51,288, 67.53%. Every time this cat chases me down, my poor little alligator hide ends up in his stack. OUCH!

    Cheetah # 8: Tony D. 601 games, $51,962, 63.97%. This cat got his start flimflamming his fellow elementary school chums. Part of the Giancanni crime-family, this guy will ENFORCE his rules at his table. They are: Give me the friggin chips, you low-life scum-dwelling gator. And I DO!

    Cheetah # 7: CRAZYLEGS. 1397 games, $54,876, 60.80%. You talk about fast, this cat has played almost 1400 games. Now that’s some sprinting.

    Cheetah #6: pogue. 384 games, $54,978, 60.29%. This cat can read players; he knows exactly what cards you have. This guy can see into your soul, man. Pre-tuh Goot reshults, dayon’t yah tink? (My pathetic attempt to talk like Pogue: Now that was sad, wasn’t it?)

    Cheetah #5: pokermats. 278 games, $58,094, 74.27%. Known affectionately as the alien, this guy can mind-meld into your betting pattern. RERAISE, and you send his starship into a black hole.

    Cheetah # 4: jojob. 301 games, $58,609, 62.64%. This guy gets the job done every time. Careful or he’ll have jo chips too.

    Cheetah # 3: wstwst. 654 games, $60,455, 69.66%. This is the trickiest cat I know. I believe his random hand is… Well, I am not saying, but I know what it is, LOL.

    Cheetah # 2: Joe All-in. 913 games, $79,718, 65.24%. This guy did not pick this name out of a hat; he knows just when to push it all in.

    Cheetah # 1: jmuzzey. 788 games, $133,580, 64.20%. This is the fastest cat on the planet. Enough said.

    (Randy, rggator)

    EE2C: The only club at PSO to promote GOOT! play.

    Please note the following disclaimer: EE2C makes no claim as to the accuracy of this information. All percentages and amounts were compiled as of DECEMBER 30th, 4:15 pm. Please note this is a YEAR-END EE2C, so we have tossed the over the last 200 games, and $10,000 in bankroll criteria for this month. All rights reserved, EE2C, MMII.

    Next time we meet the 11 members of the LEOPARD Class.

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    Putting these in order



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      Once again -- thanks for the effort Randy!

      Congrats to these folks! I can't even count to 50,000!