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7 stud hi-lo - crazy structure

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  • 7 stud hi-lo - crazy structure

    I must admit I love limit 7 stud hilo, so I moseyed along to my first PSO 7stud/8 multi. Settled down for a minute and ..
    8O 8O 8O

    First round :
    $10 ante
    $20 bringin
    $50/$100 betting limits
    $1000 starting stack.

    I believe the rounds are 15 minutes, so after 30 minutes the bets are 150/300. i.e. if you didn't get much in the first 30 minutes (probable) or took some minor damage, or had an unusual number of bringins ($70 after 30 mins or so) the next hand you play is probably make or break.

    I know limit tourneys are a bit of a pig, but having to make a stand after 30 mins of doing nothing much at all is a little severe, no?



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    Agreed Glenn. This structure turns the event into one hand shootouts.

    Give us $3,000 at LEAST.



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      those limits do seem extremely steep for the starting chips that you are given. i have not played one, but if you decide to see one hand to the river, and get outdrawn, you seem to have no room to recoup. maybe the betting levels can be dropped to a lower amount or something. either that or rasie the starting chips to at least 1500. this definitely seems to be a crapshoot and allow nothing for the skilled player. i will have to go check one of these out.


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        I played in this T to and couldn't agree with u more, it should be 2,000 start stack minimum and keep the current structure. I missed the first 20 min of this one and had only $700 when I sat down 8O
        I went out 8th of 31 players at about the first hr mark. 8O

        ALSO!! why is there only 1 limit stud hi/lo all week????

        Tony D


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          This event is only once a week and Kevin will change it later this week in time for the Saturday event.



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            All number 28 structures and all no 33 structures will have starting chips of 2,500

            These are the limit stud Hi and Hi/lo games



            • #7
              the 6pm limit 7stud only started with 1000.



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                That's correct, due to various internal things regarding how tournaments are set up that precluded it from being changed in time. Next week's tournament will have the new starting chips of $2,500.


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                  I was wandering because the turny info said starting chips 2,500 but As you know it was 1,000