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    Since my arrival at PSO in early May, I have been one of the most prolific posters here. I am very opinionated, and people do not always agree with me, but I have always said what was on my mind. I have gone out of my way to help as many people as possible, by either sending them my analysis on their play or sweating them as they play a tourney - this at the risk of giving away some of my play which in turn, damages my chances in certain situations. I have posted poker fiction, and some of my personal fiction here for people to enjoy (or not enjoy). In short, I have done everything I can to try and make PSO a better place.

    Because of something that happened today, however, I have decided to no longer do so. I will continue to play here, and continue to seek out sponsorship points. I will go to Tunica, and truly enjoy meeting all of you and playing poker with you. Those of you that I talk to privately, I will continue to do so, and I count many of you among my friends.

    I will be deleting all of my posts here at PSO (this will take a while). I will no longer post anything further at PSO. I will continue to read the forum, because there is a lot of useful information here, but I will not contribute (whether my information is useful can be debated).

    I'm sure you all have seen idle promises such as this before, but any of you that know me, know that this is no such thing. And there is no changing of my mind (mats, you can celebrate now) once I have decided to do something.

    I wish you all the best, and continue playing good poker. And remember - it's only a game.

    Aaron, aka thehazyone

    P.S. This is not because of any school member, wanted to clarify that.

    P.S.S. I have decided no table chat is a little drastic, and will no longer do so.

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    The only post of yours, I would like to see this one



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      I for one will greatly miss your contributions.

      Why can't this be debated publicly (or privately) and a resolution found? It's been done before.

      Whatever .. good luck Aaron! Keep writing.




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        I understand that poker is very much an ego driven game. That being said, I don't understand why people here contunually let one, two, or a handfull of other people take something away from them. Are egos that big, or that fragile that we will let someone else determine our level of existence and pleasures?
        If you let people take away from you, then it is your loss, more than theirs. You have restricted your options, and your enjoyment of something that you have every right to. Why not ignore what has happened, let it have no effect on you, and go on being you?
        The ONLY person here who would make me give up any part or all of what I enjoy here would be Mark, and only then if he said "Get out"!! I, of course, like everyone else, have no idea what brought this about, but I would expect Hazy to be bigger than this, and not let it take away what he is giving up. If a judge dresses you down and "eats you alive" in a courtroom, as some are known to do, are you going to give up practicing law? Yes, it's not the same level of commitment and priority, but it is no less, I chink in the armour.
        You quit posting? OK, whoever did what ever propagated this, now has won!!! You, and others who share in your posting, have become the losers. How do you like that spot?




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          I haven't the foggiest as to why you are going this, but if it is because of the actions of one or two people, then those people win and you and the rest of us lose.


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            Not just you hazy, but a lot of people are taking your path. And I gotta tell you bluntly, I do not agree with it.

            Do not let the actions of 1 or 2 people affect you so deeply.

            There are always arseholes (like my Brit-speak) out there who are jealous and like to try to make others as miserable as they are.



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              Hazy: I don´t know why you decided to no longer post anything here at pso but however i want you to know that i will not celebrate since you seems to be a nice guy.
              Your stories are great and your insight to the game is great :!:
              You have a lot to share and your thought have most of the time a good meaning.
              I decided myself to no longer post anything here at pso (except for pokermats classic II) a while ago.

              I posted a lot more before than i do now and my reason for not doing that may be the same like yours.

              I just wanted you to know 2 things :!:

              1.I have been reading your stories and i adore your stories :!:

              2.I will not celebrate :h:

              See ya at the tables
              //Mattias "pokermats" aka Mats


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                Originally posted by Pokergoddess
                The ONLY person here who would make me give up any part or all of what I enjoy here would be Mark, and only then if he said "Get out"!! I, of course, like everyone else, have no idea what brought this about...
                Ooh, you are warm.

                Let's hope it is just heat of the moment and Aaron will change his mind tomorrow. Or, of course, that PSO sort it out to his satisfaction, which is what I would hope in these particular circumstances.


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                  Sorry to hear this Hazy, hope you change your mind. Must have been something real bad to make you this mad.

                  Thief 21


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                    It appears to me, Aaron, you have a good reason for this. My guess is it has more to do than just inchoherrant bable. In a general sense I think I know what you are doing. You are standing up for what you believe is right and willing to make personal sacrifices for it. I have been away for awhile so I am well out of touch with the general buzz around here. But, in my short time here, you have made me feel welcome and part of this community. I believe you are a good person and in all your actions, your intentions are for the overall good before yourself. This is an excellant quality and is why I consider your posts of importance amongst all of the Crap. Its nice to see someone speak out (even if it is in contridiction), knowing that the final result will benifit many.

                    I wish you well in your future online and offline endeavers, and will miss those contributions here. I support you to the fullest extent as a fellow PSO'er and an online friend.


                    PS Still waiting for you to send me some of your prev writings????


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                      I go away for 1 day and this? WTF Aaron? Send me an email.


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                        This isn't right. Please re-consider.

                        I will miss you so much, and I am so thankful I printed out your stories when I had a chance.


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                          I have no idea what is going on here. None of it makes any sense to me. I wish I had more info so I could try to talk you out of this or at least understand what would make you want to withdraw from the PSO community. I respect your decision and hope you have thought it through completely. I will truly miss your contributions and chat.

                          Nuff Said

                          Hope to hear from you by whatever means.

                          Thanks for what you have given.



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                            I am one person out of a ton of us here, who rarely communicates with you directly, but truly enjoy's all you have donated to the school.

                            No matter if it's a post with you being pi**ed off or one that is filled with extremely valuable information. Your views make the forum what it is. A community. :!:

                            Don't take what one person has said or done and combine it all into this single package, think of them as a single topic, one that you've reached the end of your discussion with and terminate your time and effort there.

                            All i am trying to say is don't let one bad apple :doubt: spoil everything you've accomplished over the past months. You've built a nice foundation for yourself here at the school and should continue to move forward.

                            Just my thoughts, I know with me not communicating with you as much as other they might not mean as much as others. But i just wanted to take the time to tell you.

                            Thanks for everything



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                              I know what happened because I was a witness..watching from the rail.

                              My only hope is that it gets resolved and as far as principle is concerned..Hazy was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT

                              I hope the other "party" in question takes into consideration that the customer is always "right" even if he/she is wrong.

                              You all know what happened to Gimbels.

                              Catch my drift people? My Mom told me that story...Some here should know that story.

                              I also stand by my friends!!