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After this month!

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  • After this month!


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    Pokermats, I am SOOOOOOO Sorry, I was only kidding you, and you have played with me enough to know that I am a kidder, and would'nt hurt a soul purposely. I think of you as a friend in this school and I meant no hard feelings, ops: ops: I read your post, and just thought you were being funny. I hope you will accept my apology and don't you be walking out that door.


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      I'm not going to make fun of you. All I have ever wanted is for you to stop defending your play, and then bragging about it. As I said in another post, I'm not going to continue down "this" road - it isn't conducive to the family type community that PSO is. However, I do ask that you kindly refrain from saying that your play is justified because "you felt lucky" or bragging about your accomplishments.
      That is all.



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        1. You're English is actually better than 80-90% of the people in America.

        2. Do not make another post. (unless it's to organize a Heads Up Tourney)

        3. Do not read another post. (see above 4 exceptions)

        4. Just Play POKER!!!


        The Lord High Executioner :twisted:


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            Well, I'm not jealous and I also don't want him to leave.

            If getting as high as he can in the rankings is what matters to him, then that's fine by me. I wouldn't put too much value in being top though as I don't think some players below him are motivated by the same thing.

            On the bragging front. Whether it is real or just messing about, it would probably be best that he lets the results speak for themselves.

            Actually mats, you post a lot in this forum, but I don't see many on the advanced poker discussion part. Why is that? Would be interested in your views. Sure would be different We might both learn something. Do you read the other parts of the forum?

            PS. I finished 6th tonight mats, where did you finish :P


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              I was angry at you but not for the same reasons as the others you mention. You know why. I am not mad any more and am ready to beat you again heads-up. LOL
              So do not leave just for what some people say about you. If that is what I did, I would have left a long time ago and would not have been here to win the warmup tourney last night. LOL
              Let you play speak for itself and then you won't have too.



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                Raring PokerMats :
                JAG tänka den skulle bli mycket ledsen om du lämna PSO rättvis emedan av något stum skämten i stället JAG tänka vi skulle all börja posterande i Svensk! Det vill si för en full vecka. och då kanske en vecka i Franske och en i Rysk och en i Hawaiian. lol!

                Bäst hälsningarna , McMelchior


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                  Mats, i have always thought of you as a good guy and have considered us friends even though we don't talk a lot...

                  I will be honest here, since you seem genuinely curious about
                  people's reactions here... I pretty much stopped reading any
                  thread you started in the forum because it always seemed to
                  be you talking about you and how good you are... Frankly
                  that's just boring. It doesn't make me mad. It doesn't make
                  me want to compete with you. it just makes me want to move
                  on to something interesting... You are still my brother!!


                  • #10
                    HI MAT....
                    DONT LEAVE.... YOUR A GOOD PLAYER.... AND A GOOD PERSON...


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                      Geeeeeeeesus Kristtt,
                      I leave here for one evening and you kids all get out of control!!

                      OK...enough is enough.

                      Hazy needs to leave Mat alone and quit posting in what is meant to mimic Mats English. I doubt he would do this if he were face to face with a someone from another country who spoke in "broken" English. It's fine to post whatever content you like, but making fun of ones speech which is different from your own, is rude and ignorant. I would expect Hazy to be above this.

                      It's been said before and I'll say it again. You are being much too sensitive about a lot of this stuff. People do not see bragging as an attractive trait, and even tho you need the recognition for your own self esteem, try to find a few friends here that maybe you can PM with when you want to brag a bit. It's great that you're doing so well, but you should let someone else notice and brag about's not really the polite thing to brag about oneself. We call it "blowing your own horn". As far as questioning Babe about what she said, Babe is one of the most caring people in this communtiy and would never intentionally hurt anyone. Like I said, you're taking things wayyyyyyy to personal. I suggest to you Mat, that you spend your time here playing and perhaps learning more about others, rather than talking about yourself. There's an old expression that says..."People don't really care how much you know, until they know how much you care".
                      This is a community of ADULTS...granted, some are young adults and some of us are oldies, but some of the behavior is very childish and has no place here.
                      Let's all just think about how you'd feel if the comments made were directed at you, and act accordingly. Just can't beat the Golden Rule...Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!!



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                        no deje la puerta golpearle en el asno en la salida!

                        non lasci il portello colpirlo nell'asino sull'uscita!

                        ne laissez pas la porte vous frapper dans l'âne sur la sortie!

                        não deixe a porta batê-lo para fora no burro na maneira!

                        In case you can read these, I'm just kidding. I already said I don't hate you.

                        EDIT: The Russian came out garbled.


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                          is this the post u promised about our heads up mats?
                          i realise the shame of losing to me again would be crushing but its no reason to leave :wink:
                          seriously i like to watch u play and think i've got your measure
                          so lets get it on - soon?


                          • #14
                            Sorry Matts....................

                            Insufficient reasoning behind your decision-making process, therefore the rationale is flawed, therefore the decison is wrong.

                            Therefore.............STAY...........boy, for someone so obviously intelligent you can be such a :lol:

                            Anyway, if you do leave I'll post on every site that it was because you wouldn't go heads up with us................

                            Stay cool, stay here

                            Shoeless Joe

                            "Now And Then There's A Fool Such As I"


                            • #15
                              hey mats,

                              i, too, have been contemplating whether it's worth staying here at the school for another year, but for different reasons.

                              i believe that you should continue to post and brag about your accomplishments. poker is a competitive, 'survival of the fittest' game and bragging is just a part of the game for certain people. it's not really a part of my game even though i believe my heads-up record against you has been favorable going back to the pages tourneys.

                              you are one of the better players on this site and if you left, it would take away a lot of the competiveness at the school. i noticed you are pretty much claiming that you're going to win the gold league which will put you at 500 points. i like that confidence and you are pretty much a lock. if you want, let me know in advance when you plan on playing your last 3 games of this month, and i'll do my best to prevent the 250 pts from being nearly guaranteed. :-)




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