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    [size=18]I AM!!!!!!!

    6 DAYS and COUNTING....


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    Me, I couldnt possibly care less. Although today my boss was overheard to say "If I hear Bill tell anyone else how much fun he is going to have on vacation next week, I'm going to find a way to keep him here."

    There arent enough ropes and chains. Look out Tunica, the attack of the Pokerschoolers is in something less that 144 hours.



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      oh boy, there is going to be frinds and poker and beer and poker and money and poker and friends and poker and golf and more poker........i am ecstatic!!!!!!!!


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        I am stoked. Today I was trying on all my baseball hats, trying to figure out which one hides my eyes the best, hehe... I have problems.

        Think I am gonna go a day earlier now, got a coupon in the mail for a free room, if they have any available on Wednesday night. Got all my snacks and caffeine for the ride.

        For those of you driving, I learned this from experience (i.e. waking up every morning hungover to beat the band and searching for a single dollar to get a coke or water) - if you are driving, pack a cooler with water and cokes, they come in so handy as you (or I) can never seem to find change to get a beverage and those 9 am cold beers are pretty tough to stomach (though the bloody Marys are quite soothing).



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          I'm glad it's only a week away now. I keep tripping over this packed suitcase in the doorway and am running out of clean underwear.

          Sorry, that's two seraerate issues.



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              I IS!!!!!!!!!

              Ready or not, cya on the 11th.



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                I IS!!!!!!!!!

                Ready or not, cya on the 11th.



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                  Deparaved, you have a bad case of the hiccups. What's up with that?

                  I am not excited, I am sad I can not go.


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                    alan, only hit the submit button once and wait, unless you really like repeating yourself.

                    while all you pso groupies are "living it up" in tunica. I will be happy taking my daughter to visit her grandfather. The joys of being as parent.

                    oh. by the way, my dad lives 20 mins north of AC.


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                      SO HAPPY



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                        Excited? Doesn't even come close to describing how I feel!!! Euphoric comes close!

                        The boss has stopped shooting me with the tranquilizer gun, because I am now immune to the darts!!! Bwah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! And my friends ask for the countdown to my departure. As of this writing, 2 days, 20 hours, 10 minutes, 36 seconds!!!

                        I leave here on the morning of the 6th, stay with friends in Oxford, MS, and then on the 7th I roll into Tunica...and may never leave again!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeha!!!

                        Yeah, a little excited.
                        -Bart M.


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                          :lol: EXCITED----- :lol: WHO's EXCITED----- I'M NOT EXCITED----

                          :lol: ARE YOU EXCITED----- NOT ME----- I'M NOT EXCITED-----

                          spisssssssst, my husband has said that if I don't stop climbing the walls and cealing he will tie me up in the garage.

                          ponygee :roll:

                          :wink: PS I have a secret weapon gojacketz so I'm not bothering with a basball cap. I promise you no one will even notice my face.


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                            OK - still days away. But I have:

                            1) Colored my hair (ooops - maybe should have left this to the pros)

                            2) Made a hair cut appt for the 7th

                            3) Bought juice and diet coke for the ride - good advice on not relying just on beer for the 10 hour drive

                            4) Sent in my cashiers check to the Grand for the Omaha Hi/Lo tourney on the 10th. NOTE: If you are playing the Tunica Classic it is far better to pre-register. There are usually over 100 people waiting for the 50 same day spots. Also - less cash to worry about on the trip. Jerry Kyle at the poker room is who you talk to for tourney info.

                            5) Registered online for my Hollywood Casino players card. For all you video poker fans, Hollywood has some 9/6 JOB machines that coupled with their cash back plan statistically offers better than a 100% pay schedule. After 9/6 JOB (99.54% without the cashback) the next best video poker games in Tunica are Aces and Faces - coming in at about 99.26% - mostly at the Grand.

                            6) Checked my tire pressure and fluids.

                            7) Printed out all tourney schedules, convention program, maps and school registration info ( I have to remember to register this semester while I'm on the road - late registration at UT is a bummer)

                            8) Borrowed my brother's lucky baseball hat - still not sure if I'm bringing the black felt Stetson - although it is my signiture hat and offers some level of intimidation.

                            Still to do:

                            1) Get some books on tape for the drive

                            2) Make a CD for the tourney and select driving music in case the books on tape put me to sleep. NOTE: You can not rely on the radio driving in this part of the country unless radio preachers are your thing.

                            3) Select dissertation reading materials (OK so I'm in denial)

                            4) Get film for the camera

                            5) email ponygee to see if she is as excited as I am!!!!

                            CAN'T WAIT


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                              Not like I am counting or anything, but I will be in Tunica in something like 90 hours. I am more psyched than an 8 year old at Christmas.

                              But wait. Maybe I will just stay home. After all this build up it is just going to be a big disapointment. Yeah thats the ticket.


                              NO FREAKIN WAY! :P :P :P Y'all arent getting off that easily