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Traveling with cash

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  • Traveling with cash

    With the current level of airline security, is traveling with cash (like to the convention next week) too risky? Any of u frequent fliers have suggestions? Huk and depraved, how did u get your winnings home from Foxwoods?

    I'm flying in to Memphis for the convention and plan on just carrying my bankroll in cash. I know to keep it phsyically on my person and I planned on having a bank withdrawal receipt with me as well.

    Any suggestions/experiences would be appreciated


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    if you are truly worried about carrying cash around to and from the casino, i think you may be able to just wire it to the casino and have them hold it in a safety deposit box. then wire it back home when you are leaving. if you plan on taking a couple of thousand dollars, i wouldnt worry to much about it. but if you are carrying 10 or 20k, or more, then i would contact the casino and ask them if you could wire it to them. actually, the airlines are afraid of people carrying no money with one way tickets. those seem to be the profiles of terrorists. with a roundtrip ticket and plenty of money, you shouldnt have anything to worry about. hope this helps a little......


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      Well you could make a placard saying "I am carrying lots of cash money" but airline security would probably take it. (the placard) As far as the cash, For anything I didnt want some butt-monkey to knock me over the head for, Travellers checks are very cheap, easy to get, and cashable at the cage for no fee at all.



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        You can always go to your bank and get travelers checks. They are kind of a pain to cash as you have to sign all of them and I am lazy, but they are insured.



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            note to self: find greager at air-port, knock him out, take his cash and place in PSO convention.

            TY TY TY TY


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              Traveling with cash is no different than it has ever been. The screeners are not looking for cash and don't care. Just leave it in your pocket, it won't set off the metal detectors unless you have a metal money clip on it. Your personal safety is the main issue as you don't want to have to display your bankroll in front of a lot of other people. An Itailian money clip works well (rubber band), but the best option is a money belt. A money belt is a pouch you wear under your clothing. I wore one traveling to Europe last Summer and never once had any problems. You can view several examples here.

              Good luck!