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IT'S JUST A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • IT'S JUST A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From around the world, we all join in,
    the goal for all, is to make a win.
    We get timed out, we disconnect,
    the game in progress, it does effect.

    When this happens, just stay cool,
    no sense ranting, like a fool.
    Tomorrow, could be, anothers turn,
    how you felt, they will learn.

    We lose with aces, and get real mad,
    yell at the winner "your hand is saaad"
    see we don't know everyones' style,
    seven duece off suit, wins once in a while.

    No need to make threats, and say you quit,
    don't go in the forum, and throw a fit.
    Refrain from calling this school a name.
    Like chill out man, It's just a game.

    Now the forum, that's another thing,
    you can rant and rave, or you can sing.
    Brag what you do, or how it is done.
    Tell us all, about how you won.

    Many in school, show so much class,
    others act, like a horses _ss.
    they abuse the winner, call them a name.
    Like they should chill out, It's just a game.

    Mark and Tina, created this site,
    teachin us all, to play good and tight.
    brought in the pros, put them on staff,
    At some of us, I bet they laugh.

    Several lists, you, can try and make,
    important to some, for heavens sake.
    Some play a few, some hundreds of games,
    on some of the lists, there's very few names.

    There's husbands and wives, and a sister and brother,
    Aunts and uncles, and your friends mother,
    At a table of ten, there's probably a friend,
    But when it comes to winning, we do not bend.

    Now there's a reason to play your best game,
    for that big goal , that we all aim
    This is the site, to play on and learn,
    World Series of Poker, seat, you could earn.

    2003, another good year,
    different players, you now, may fear.
    Losing a tournament, don't feel shame,
    After all said and done, It is just a game.

    babe60 :wink:

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    Thank You babe60.


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      U always make very insightful posts and poems.
      I just hope u stop trapping me, and busting me out in every tourney we play together, lol.
      According to my stats on you, babe, in your last 200 games, you won 7 times and busted out first 7 times. Well, I called that a most balanced game, lol.
      Because you are so goot with words, I'd like to ask you to be our EE2C Executive Press Di-Rec-Torre for 2003.
      Should you accept the position, babe, we can discuss your duties and your pay ( you will receive the same exact pay as YSA EE2C Presi-Den-TTee ). lol
      Hope to hear from you, babe, and PLAY GOOT even if it is only a game!!!!

      stkjk - Andy


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        Trumpinjoe should read this one!

        Wonderfull post Babe :P