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So close...

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  • So close...


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    After taking another monstrously bad beat to knock me out, you made my day.

    The only thing wrong was that there was only one prize.

    You played GREAT bud.


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      Danno, some of the best play I have seen yet. You did a great job! Hold your head up high.


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        ecxellent finish dan, youplayed great. as apryll said, hold your head high!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          AWESOME PLAY, i really enjoyed watching u play I also wish there woulda been a 2nd place.

          ggame jeff


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            Yes excellent job. Thought your play was the best at the final table.



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              Damn proud of you man.

              You played great to get headsup, then unlucky to go card dead. Really well played Dan. Deserved more reward.


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                Excellent job, man. You played incredibly and dominated that final table!

                530+ Players and only 1 prize???? Whats up with that????

                I have been here since the beginning (yes, shad, when it was just ring games and a few tourneys at poker spot) and even the first 10K Event (yes, prior to the BO 1) paid something to top 3!



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                  Great Job



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                    congrats to bmfjeff (school member)
                    unlucky to dreams and all others that got so close.


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                      The warm ups are for everyone to enter. I purposely make them winner takes all now. I have to seperate them from the promotions in PokerSchool , otherwise people would all be playing on pokerpages all the time and we would not have built a membership in the school.

                      The winner was a school member and I am delighted about that. We are going to announce the next warm up later today or tomorrow.



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                        Thanks for all of the support from the rail and here...I appreciate it. Congrats to bmfjeff, who played very well and got the job done.

                        It was probably a blessing in disguise as I have basically tell Apryll this every day and that is that I hate tournaments and really should stay away from them and stick to the cash games. Looking at my records, the tournies really weigh down my hourly rate. My last 3 $ tournies I have played (including yesterday's, since there was a $ prize) were 16/80 or something (9paid), 25/170 or so (18 paid) and yesterday's. It just seems like a waste of time now; I'd much rather spend those hours making a constant rate at the live games.

                        So, I probably will not be around these parts anymore...I'll stop in for the occassional tourney to experiment and try to qualify for the Round 2, but the grind of trying to win sponsorship points isn't worth it anymore unless I pull off a good early run and it is within reach, because of the lack of changes to the ranking system which advocates posting and folding and not getting deep into the money, which is the case in the real world.

                        As Noodles said in another post --

                        Is this a school, or just a play money site for people to hang out and have fun, whilst at the same time making a bit of money for the owners? It appears to be the latter. If it's the former then changes need to be made.

                        Also, when are the payout places going to be listed in the game software, so we can finally simulate bubble play and higher? Ridiculous to have a tourney site, supposedly with the intent to produce decent players, and not simulate this area of a tourney.

                        It's tough to disagree with Noodles and I can't on this one, so I wish everyone the best of luck here and bmfjeff in Tunica!!! I have met a lot of wonderful people here and it's been fun, at times :wink: