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Bluffing with AA/KK

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  • Bluffing with AA/KK

    Here are a couple interesting hands that I played at the other day in a mid-limit game...I don't know if there can be much discussion, I just thought I'd post them, since I said I would in another forum...

    Hand 1
    I am in the BB holding A:s:A:c: and as usual there comes 4 limpers to me and I see no reason in raising here and building a pot, so I tap the felt. We see the flop with about 90 dollars in the pot. It comes J:s:6:s:4:h:. SB checks as do I, MP bets, the button calls, SB folds and I check raise. MP immediately 3 bets and she is not all too fancy a player, so I definitely know she can beat jacks here and probably my aces. Two pair on this board for her is quite possible as she limped earlier with J:h:4:h: in EP, but I can take her off the flush draw when she reraises me. The button, a smart aggressive player, knows to get out of the way and mucks his hand. I just call. Turn comes the Q:s: and I bet out. She only calls. River is a blank and I bet again. She thinks for awhile (a real surprise at this table, let me tell ya) and decides to muck her pocket pair of sixes face up. Because of a terrible beat she put on me earlier (calling a flop bet with Q:c:T:c: on J52 rainbow/no club flop, and catching T on turn and Q on river), I decide to show my cards face up as well. The table berates her for folding and are not happy with me as she is a regular there, but what do I care? I'm playing for chips...

    Hand 2
    All fold to player in LP, she calls. Button raises and I am in the BB with K:c:K:h:. The button is sitting in seat 9 and I am in seat 2, he has been berating me across the felt for about 30 minutes and because of a hand he wasn't even involved in (I open raised from MP with K:h:4:h:, because BB was the weakest player at table and I wanted to play heads up with him. He called. I flopped a flush draw, bet, got raised by BB, A:h: on turn, I took down a nice pot and ever since then the button has been grumbling 'K4 sooted, blah, blah, blah'. He continued to play his ABC transparent game and his chips were down to one stack of 30 or 40 chips when I left the game). Anyhow, I just call his raise from the BB. Flop comes J:d:5:d:5:s:. I bet out, because this guy thinks I am a total fish, the cutoff folds. He stares me down and calls (a real war brewing here, LOL). Turn is the Q:d:. I bet out again. He calls. River is T:d:. I gotta bet and do so. He goes into a long stare and folds. I don't know what he had, but I'm pretty sure he had my hand creamed...


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    Nice hands Dreams on a difficult position.

    Hand 1
    I can't believe that she laydown a set there. You could have been check raising with a flopped two pair on the flop. I am not laying that hand down unless I am playing against a rock. However, to keep table harmony, I would have mucked and said "good laydown" to make her feel better about her "skillful" decision. If she "guesses" a flush or jack set, I just nod my head and smile.

    Hand 2
    I don't think you were beat. He was on a mid pocket pair (obviously no QQ,JJ,TT) with no diamonds. If he was on aces and a solid player, he would have reraised you on the flop to find where you were. He hated those two fives and was chasing to make his set.



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      I think if he had a medium PP (66-TT), he would've either gone for a raise on the flop or on the turn holding the button. I'm not exactly sure what he held there actually...from his reaction when he decided to muck on the river, I was thinking aces, but his calling on the post flop streets doesn't indicate that. Maybe I was ahead after all, LOL



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