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    I've waited for the last day of the year, to thank all of you that have emailed me and asked me at the tables to write another poem. As I was saying to stkjk tonight in the tournament, when he asked when or if I was going to write a poem, I told him I have been giving it thought. Believe me some of them, need some thought. I will say this has been given lots of thought. With the world in so much distention, and unemployment so high, I believe if we give this a thought it may improve 2003 for all of us. This can take place in a poker game, at home, work, or play. I hope you all enjoy, and for those who don't, I hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR, that is filled with health and happiness.

    Here it is two thousand and three,
    still playing poker, you and me.
    Happiness and Health, I hope it brings,
    these are lifes, most important things.

    In the world today, more love we need,
    some we need to help and feed.
    differences we have, in color and land,
    all wanting the same, "ONE BIG HAND."

    See none of us, are exactly the same,
    except, we play, in the same poker game.
    After the game, in the forum we frued.
    some need to change, their attitude.


    We live in a world, that no matter what happens, we have a word for it. Some words mean a great deal to us, words such as love, happiness, success, achievement, joy and ability, but one word controls all those words, ATTITUDE.
    If your attitude is good, you will get good results. If your attitude is excellent, you will get excellent results. If your attitude is just so so, then you wil get a "so so" result.
    The world is nothing more than a reflection, a mirror of your own attitude. One of the most pitiful aspects of life and society is that a large percentage of people, who become discontent, do so, because of what they think they don't have, when the truth is, they don't look at the things, they do have.
    The world doesn't care, wheather we change or not.some people succeed, some fail. Those with a healthy attitude go on, and those without a healthy attitude become dissatisfied, and wither away.
    If it would be impossible to estimate the number of jobs lost, promotions missed, sales missed, and marriages ruined, frienships changed, due to a poor attitude, all because people wait for others to change towards them instead of being big enough, and wise enough to realize, that we get back, only what we put out.
    Advice to change your attitude for 2003, is for 30 days, starting now, treat eveybody you meet, without exception, as the most important person on earth. You will find, that they will begin to treat you the same.
    Live in a world for others, not for yourself, and you will come out ahead.

    For those of you that read this to the end. I wish you the very best in this new year, and may your life be filled with happiness and joy, I hope all the people you meet, both new and old friends, rich and poor friends, people that are different then you, believe different then you, that you both show an " EXCELLENT ATTITUDE."

    BABE60 :wink:

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    Thanks Babe, I knew that'd be woth waiting for.

    Have a fab 2003.


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      Thank you Babe,
      Well said. May you and your family have a verry happy new year.
      See you at the tables.

      Herby Bones.


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        Absoluely beautiful!!!
        It is members like urself that makes a wonderful community.
        Happy new year to you and your family.
        Thank you so very much!!!

        stkjk - Andy