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Farewell my friends

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  • Farewell my friends

    This will be my last day. i will miss the community which has grown into one of the best on-line poker sites. i've made many friends here, and i will miss the compitition and the lively banter. i have been here from the start....thats before pokerschool, when Mark leased the rights to play with pokerspot's (now closed) table design.

    Mark and Tina have been wonderful hosts. these are really nice people!

    my reason for leaving is software problems here at the school. i've had so many time-outs in big hands(holding the nuts), where i've lost everything, that its hard if not impossible to really know how i would have done % wise.

    my wish would be that Mark institute what other sites have done to protect the chips that are already in the pot, rather than forefit all your chips due to a time out or disconnection. untill that is done, i will be an on-looker here.

    i wish you all a happy new year my friends and hope to return one day soon.

    Time is the fire we all burn in

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    Sorry to see you go. As someone who has had a lot of timeout problems, I feel your pain. Have you considered a broadband connection? It has helped me.


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      This is a sad day for me. We've played with each other for years now - we've even played some poker together. As a woman in my middle years, you may be the only person who still calls me baby.

      I will think of you often and miss you always.

      To one of the truly great Omaha players and my friend, the best of luck.

      oil doe


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        sorry to see you go.
        gl in your poker gl with your life


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          So long for now

          It's always sad when Omaholics Anonymous loses a member. We work so hard to recruit them initially.

          But, like most OAers, I'm confident that you'll soon see the error of your ways and re-join. After all, a true OA member simply can't exist without their frequent fixes of pain and anguish.

          As soon as you realize that you won't ever see a 3 8 T K in four suits scoop at hold'em, you'll be back!!

          In the meanwhile, I've enjoyed your play and your company. God luck in whatever you try.


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            Geez, this is turning into a sad day.

            Good luck, Shad...I really enjoyed playing with you. This place definitely won't be the same without you.

            One more affirmation...everyone repeat after me:

            "Lord, grant me the serentity to accept the hands I cannot play...the strength to be aggressive with the ones I can...and the wisdom to tell the difference."



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              : Shad I will add my lament to the list, I will miss you.

              ponygee :roll:


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                I was just starting to like you.




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                  Well this is no good....Shad, I hope you change your mind and rejoin at some point...

                  I will miss you...Your game and your chat have always been a source of enjoyment for me


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                    I hate to hear you are leaving us Shad.
                    Have enjoyed the many hours of play that we've shared.
                    I'll especially miss my "dealer strong arm" that we had to use on occassion with certain dealers that didn't seem to realize that we deserved better cards than we were getting....

                    Hope to catch up to you next time in San Diego.



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                      I will miss you Shadis

                      I will miss you where one of the first people that i still recognise and admire here at pages.

                      I consider you a friend and i hope i will see you back again in the future.
                      You are for me a great poker player and i respect you :!:
                      Whatever you will do i wish you the very best and once
                      again...i will miss you


                      //Mattias "pokermats"


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                        sure hope you reconsider this decision Shad you are more then a good poker player, you are a great teacher, 8) and ones like you just can't : leave. There has to be a way to resolve your problem besides the way you have decided . Hope you change your mind. You will be missed. :
                        babe60 :wink:


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                          Hold your horses, shadark!!!...This problem will be solved I read some post & ur one of the best palyers here...Argh! we need to learn and watch your play to better our game...Please stay the other sites suck...daisy777.


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                            It's too late, i played with her in her last game on new years eve night. During the game she said it was her last for good. We tried to talk her out of it, but her mind was set.


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                              SHADRAK IS A GUY!!

                              Hope he will return..