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EE2C, Players u luv to hate

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  • EE2C, Players u luv to hate

    Ho! Ho! Ho!
    Happy Holidays and May you always be in a giving mood at my table.
    Unlike me, the following Players think on a different tangent, they actively take opponents chips away and require no hand outs.

    Before I start off with the 71.00 plus EE2C group, I like to have the opportunity to induct my nemesis, Starrs into EE2C of Nov.
    Starrs - 69.10 - $38,973
    Every time I play a hand against my goot buddy, Stephen, I see stars. I am always so confused when he and I go heads up. But, I have finally figured out how to play against my nemesis. I just want to get him on tilt. So, I will re-raised him all in with 72 sooted in no limit hold’em, re-raise him with 6789 rainbow in Omaha eight, and 2468, who do you appreciate, in pot limit Omaha Hi. Are you on tilt yet, Mr. Simon? No!!!! Just you wait until I suck out on you, Stephen.

    The following EE2C Members played in excess of 200+ games, acquired a bankroll of over $10,000, and earned a cumulative percentile of 71.00+.

    Bonjovi – 71.03 - $12,804
    U know, this is his real name. U need to be aware of this. U need to be aware of a lot of things when he charges in a pot. If you are like me, calling him down assuming he is stealing your blinds and/or the pot. U 2 will be soon on the rail, singing his music.

    tko14 – 71.10 - $29,957
    Cats may have 9 lives, tko has 14. It does not matter if we put him all in 13 times, the 14th time he busts everyone and takes down the loot. Yes, tko14 is a heavy weight alright. The only way you will outbox this chap is to use his own rope-a-dope method. Please send $9.99 to tko14 to get complete details. I assure you, it’s well worth it.

    Lion – 71.26 - $13,514
    King of the felt! Ted has total control of his kingdom. If you think he lacks the courage to shove all his chips in with 22 against your AK sooted, you must be thinking about the lion from Wizard of Oz. I tell you this from my own personal experience with Ted. BTW, my AKs did not hold up. So, what else is new playing against The Lion!!? Did you know he came in the money in the Big One 2?

    gatorhb – 71.28 - $12,594
    Queen of Omaha, Nebraska, now resides in SA, LI, NY. You seldom find her in Texas Hold Them City. You see, the more cards she has in her hands, the more she can use her computer science training. No, she is NOT a C. N. –Comp. Nerd, hb is a CPA - Card Player of America. So, if you see her betting with 4 cards, muck – I promise you, you will avoid a lot of grief.

    24 Karat – 71.30 - $28.989
    Carla! Carla! Carla! 24 Carla gold. As Asian decent, I finally figured out how to say your name. Phew!! What a major undertaking!!
    As a matter of fact, it is always a major undertaking to play against you. My notes tell me that I have lost 24 times to you straight. I can hardly wait for our 25th confrontation.

    Browniwp – 71.45 - $23,739
    If you happen to go heads up with Bill, you may as well be singing along with Crystal Gayle, ‘Please don’t make my Brown Eyes Blue’. But, some of you may want to have them beautiful Blue eyes, so just make sure you get involved with Bill. BTW, Ladies, he is free at this moment. Let me warn you, however, Bill may make your brown eyes, wp, weep - on or off the tables.

    Thehazyone – 71.57 - $16,094
    I promise you this, when Hazy is around, you will not be able to see a single thang. You see, Aaron dazzles you with his charm, and his movement of his chips. Then when he speaks to you, you might as well take the day off – ‘cause you are gonna be up in the clouds. Why else do you think he signs on as The Hazy One?

    Chino – 71.73 - $10,944
    Yup! Yup! Yup! Yup! Yup!
    Yup to being married. Yup to getting a bad beat even with a straight flush. Yup to Winner as a Rookie. Yup to a goot solid player. Yup, you want to avoid him at all cost.
    Calvin, you are way too tough for me to handle. Personally, all my chino shirts are gone, so please leave me alone from now on.

    Bumblebeeru – 71.84 - $45,238
    Tony has the works. He has the money – look at that bankroll. He has, obviously, The Girl – Ms London 1982. He has the killer sting in his Game. He has the wisdom. He has the Grand status of family. So, I ask all of you, how the heck can we outplay Tony? It came to me one day, while I was watching TV. Put Honey on your fingers when you play against the Bee. Tony will like you and will not sting you; it is the reverse of Flies on xxxx.

    Goofi – 71.86 - $14,815
    This is a total misdirection from Robert. If you think the name refers to him, you will be mistaken. Robert is actually telling you to be goofi with your chips. He is telling you to play a little bit more goofi than usual. He is actually describing you, Goofi, as a poker player. The next time you play against Robert, just tell him you can introduce him to the beautiful twin ladies that live next door to you. I know he will go easy on you. It worked for me.

    Geezer – 71.90 - $15,328
    Now, I do not need to tell you anything about Mr. Love. If you do not know him by now, if you have not gotten busted by him, if you have not read his insightful posts, if you have not traded posts with him, you have not arrived as a PSO Member. One of these days, I will go up to Washington States just to have coffee with Mr. Love. Maybe, he will share his notes on all you poker players to me.

    YMINNV – 71.93 - $30,999
    Y? Me IN NeVada? Hey! I finally figured out where Chris is coming from. Yep! People who reside in Las Vegas have a way of telling only part of the picture. It is like playing the Wheel of Fortune. But if think you can spot tells from Chris on the table, you are watching too much TV. He does not give anything away, chips especially. If you want to beat him, you might have to wait for the bad beat jackpot.

    There you have it, the 71.00+ EE2C group. I promise I will post the 72.00 plus EE2C group soon. Just don’t hold your breath for the release date, lol.

    Till then, have yourselves a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    PLAY GOOT!!!

    YSA EE2C Pressi-Den-TTee,

    stkjk - Andy

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      Ty, Andy.

      I am honored to be a member of the E2C club. But I must say, I had a hard time getting my cumulative over 69% and you have to embarrass me by inducting me with some of the best players in school. 71%. Wow. I got to say it again. 71%. Jesus. How do they do it? Boy, does my game need work.

      Peace, Stephen LSOGC E2C


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        Do I now have the pleasure of qualifying in this elite group?




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          Depraved - Alan

          You are definitely in EE2C now.
          Proper induction will be forth coming.
          Welcome to the club!!
          I have to think of something special to introduce you , lol.

          PLAY GOOT!!

          stkjk - Andy


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            Hazy - Aaron,

            rggator and I are working on a better and more with the times club since cumulative rankings are being reset.
            Yes, so please stay tuned and we will make announcement in early 2003.
            Thank you, and welcome to EE2C, we are proud to have you as a member.

            PLAY GOOT!!!

            stkjk - Andy


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              Careful Randy. If you dont let the policy Di-rec-tor-re have some say, you might accidently lower the bar to where I might qualify



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                WildBill said:

                Careful Randy. If you dont let the policy Di-rec-tor-re have some say, you might accidently lower the bar to where I might qualify


                Trust me Bill, our number one goal is to keep the likes of you, me and Andy out of EE2C. I mean, we want it to be elite, right?