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  • hellohellohello..part2

    im soo soo hot

    im the best

    i was 40th in a 42 players game

    almost beat samz (he was 42th..damit..that guy is goooot)

    pippip rosita

    hazy..u need to learn to play bingo buddy...rofl

    cockroach is giving free the best on it

    wow soo the best.....u guys ask quartzforce, my dog and to my fiance on a shushine day..they will confirm this

    damit...i feel better now

    spades 8)

  • #2
    I know how to play GOOD poker and I know how to HAVE FUN playing poker. For me, the two options don't necessarliy result "in the money". Most often playing GOOD poker isn't very much fun, it's boring. About as boring as sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. I usually choose to play for the fun option over the boring one. Given the options, I'd rather be lucky than good.


    • #3
      goot? dunno
      hot? dunno
      wanker? certainly


      • #4
        heya roach..that was pretty fast answer...did you seat on the forum or what??

        kidding with you and you know are a fantastic player :lol:

        lol...miss our fun tables action buddy

        spades 8)


        • #5
          what the heck is WANKER....for sure is not nice?


          • #6
            If memory serves (i'm too lazy to look right now), Cockroach is quoting QuartzForce's paragraph from his profile.


            • #7
              Actually I made that post in jest. I know how to play good poker and I know how to have fun. For me they are one in the same. I don't enjoy winning while making fundamentally poor decisions.

              It was actually a copy and paste job from a school members profile. The first time I read this profile is after a bad beat taken from this member.

              At the time this ticked me off, but I'm getting better at relating to the bingo crowd thanks to some of the professional bingo players like my buddy Spades. Today I can honestly say that I enjoy playing with these guys and I can respect their reasons for playing the game. Tomorrow I may feel differently though :lol:


              • #8
                wonder where this school is going

                20% of the posts around here going to serious level...too serious for my taste

                20% of the other posts are about people geting mad about each other

                55% of the posts are about pokermatts, samz and major

                the remaing posts are about fun stuff....

                u guys should loosen up a litle and have more fun

                spades 8) 8)

                i miss the old days :


                • #9
                  wanker? certainly
                  Only when the girlfriend has a headache.


                  • #10
                    i miss the old days
                    The old days aint like they used to be.


                    • #11
                      hey spades,

                      i am no math genious nor am i minpin but i do believe 20% + 20% + 55% = 95%

                      and 100% - 95% = 5%

                      so were is that 5%?

                      (oh wait, i was i math major when i went to school)


                      • #12
                        ill explain it slowly to you...

                        20 % + 20 % = 40 % ....ok got it

                        now u got 40 % and add 55% = 95 it

                        dont forget it (right it down on your freezer door)


                        the remaining % (i didnt say ou much) is 5%

                        why ???

                        because 100% - 95% = 5% wow...truly amazing

                        genius guy i am

                        come next week for lesson nr 2 pls


                        spades 8)


                        • #13
                          spades spades spades spades please reread carefully

                          so were is that 5%
                          by that he meant where is the 5% of fun stuff posts


                          • #14
                            is there a virus going on???

                            u guys kidding or im missing something here.....u pulling my leg or what

                            The remaing posts are about fun stuff....

                            THE REMAINING (5%) ARE ABOUT FUN STUFF.....



                            • #15
                              you say 5% some of us can only find 1%



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