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My best "poker" move ever?

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  • My best "poker" move ever?

    I really had my doubts about PSO when I sign up as an annual member in Nov 2001. I didn't care for the software or the maniacs I played against when the school was in beta.

    The only reason I joined was because I needed a cheap medium to practice my tournament play. Why was I so cheap? Cuz I had just gotten laid off from work and I figured beggers couldn't be choosy!

    What I didn't expect was how the small group of original members would pull together to create one of the coolest online communities that I have ever been involved with. And 2nd, these players were goot!!!!!

    Anywasy, to make a long story short... I've really enojoyed being a part of this and my game improved tremendously in a short period of time... leading up to the Big One (#1).

    But alas, all good things in my life began to crumble.... my severence runs out, my unemployment runs out, my motivation runs out. Being stressed out everyday for the past 9 months (unemployed) or so about where my next mortgage payment was coming from, really affected my poker game for the worse. Even though I wasn't losing any real money, I was still playing with a mindset of "short" money. Playing with short money usually ends up a catastrophy, which my play reflected.

    My annual membership runs out at the end of this month, Tuesday night to be exact and I can not justify renewing at this time. Some of you are familiar with the situation and have made me some generous offers to help me with my membership dues. It would be a mistake for me to accept, mostly as a "poker" decision. Does me no good to continue to play short money minded. I would not be doing myself any favors by accepting, but I appreciate the generous thoughts. I will spend the next few months getting back on my feet. Once I am back on my feet, it will be much easier to set myself some goals and I will have a much stronger mental attitude to help me achieve them.

    I am afraid that if I get into a habit of accepting help I will continue to skate through life.

    Arnolds voice "I'll be back". Just not sure when... hopefully I will use this time to work on some of my weaknesses and maybe catch up on my reading.

    I have had a FANTASTIC time meeting all of you and knocking heads with you at the tables. Also look forward to when I can do it again!

    Goot Luck!!!!!!!! See you all next year sometime!!!

    James G

  • #2
    Understand completely, and as things sort out I look forward to your return. In the mean time - you will be missed by many including me.

    Best regards,


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      Wish you the best down the road. It has been a pleasure to have you as part of PSO and I look forward to your return.



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        Best of luck Jim...You were the first person I met here at PSO when I joined...Still remember you reraising my QQ with KQ from the BB Take care and hope everything works out....



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          You will be missed. Take care and we will see you as soon as you get back. Good luck to you in the new year.


          • #6

            the leader of my team, I will miss u my friend, if ever in Louisiana and need anything just let mr know. I hope the best for good people like urself.

            ur friend


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              good luck james you will be missed

              just hope you take the feathers with you and leave them behind when you come back cause all that sneeze i was doing was ruining my game.


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                Wish you good luck James

                I understand your position. I had to change from a yearly student, to month to month, for financial reasons also. Hope the new year brings you and your family into better financial standinds. Also better than anything, good health. You will persevere and come out doing well.
                Will see you back, playing even better
                From a poker friend.

                Herby Bones


                • #9

                  I have much enjoyed doing battle with you over the past year, u have always been friendly and fun to have at the table. Wish u the best, bud. I know how u feel, I'm in a similar situation, been unemployed for going on 7 months now. Tough times. Good luck and hope to see u back soon.



                  • #10
                    James ! Good luck, and nil desperandum. Better times might be just round the corner ....

                    I've been in the same boat for the last 9 months, remortgaging the house, the works. I was gonna let my PSO membership lapse on Jan 1st just to save money, but it seems I went annual in May so I have some months of agony to go ( :wink: :wink: ).

                    James, it can get better. Drop me a mail at or a p.m. here to discuss the freakin injustice of the job market. Or chat about poker, or cats, or whatever

                    Take care



                    • #11
                      James..well, you already know how I feel about you. I wish you the very best...may 2003 bring you peace of mind in all areas of your life.

                      Remember, lots of us really do care about you...and GOD SPEED


                      • #12
                        Good Luck James and I wish you all the best in 2003. Just remember that there is always others worse off then you. Getting depressed really does effect everything a person does in their daily life and that includes playing poker for funny money too. Things will improve James, so you just keep on thinking positive and keep moving forward. Hope to see ya back real soon.
                        babe60 :wink:


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                          We've been here together from the start. It's alway's been a pleasure playing at the tables with you and you'll definetly be missed in a big way.

                          I wish you all the best in the new year and hope to see you back as soon as things turn around for you.



                          • #14
                            I am afraid that if I get into a habit of accepting help I will continue to skate through life.
                            There is NOTHING wrong in accepting help, just ask the Jets...where would they be today without New England? :lol: :lol:

                            Normally I would send you an email with my thoughts because I would not want anyone to think I had gone "soft" especially with my arch enemy jamesg :twisted: :twisted: , but for those who don't know, pokerschool is losing someone who is both as a poker player and a person, invaluable and irreplaceable......

                            If it wasn't for your friendship, insight and intelligence, I would not be in this wonderful place in my life, both personally and as a poker player.

                            OK enough of that crap....get off the couch, get a dam job and get back here...I am running out of people I can insult who won't run away crying..... 8) 8)


                            • #15
                              I hope for you to find new opportunities as we start a new year.

                              Hurry back, as you are taking a bit of each us with you. Being the tight players we are we want it back as soon as possible.



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