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Other Tunica Activities

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  • Other Tunica Activities

    I am searching for other tournaments and ring games in Tunica.

    Cardplayer list several tournaments at the Grand Casino (Thurs Omaha HiLo @12noon, Friday Holdem @ 10AM, both have $30 Buyin, $40 Re-buy)

    The last time I was there, Samstown had a $1/$2 Holdem for us newbees and a 3/6 Omaha HiLo but the room seemed a little seedy.

    Is anyone else aware of tournaments in the area other than those sponsored for the pros @ the WPO? I looking for a loose/passive game a poor player might win. I've played enough would be pros @ PSO.

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    Memphis has some "adult" entertainment if you need a break from poker.


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      I went last year. The Grand had dailey tournaments in the $100 to $200 buy-in range. The rounds were only 20 minutes, and some of the dealers were inexperienced, so it went to the "luck" stage pretty quick. I think the Grand will also have those tournies this year, but I do not know what they are. I played at the Gold Strike, Horseshoe, and Grand last year. Yes, you can find low-limit passive games. You can also find some wild ram-n-jam games too. The Gold Strike is non-smoking now, so I indend to spend most of my time there (KOFF-KOFF). You probably will just have to get on a list, get in a game, and then decide to stay in that game or request a table change. Gold Strike and Grand seemed to have the most low limit to choose from. The Horseshoe was mostly 10-20 and 20-40 with just a few 4-8 games going. I never went elsewhere.

      Good luck, and hope to meet you there.

      Shane aka Jeff


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        The Grand has a tournament running every day during the WPO @ 4pm. Buy ins range from $100 to I think the big one is $500.
        Sams Town is not running any tournaments that I am aware of during this time...but they do spread a 3/6 HE game, but don't look for there to be much going on there. The GoldStrike will have 3/6 HE and Omaha hi/lo, and 1-5 Stud. It IS true that the GoldStrikes poker tables are non smoking, but the poker room itself, which is also full of video poker machines, is NOT non smoking. You just have to step away from the table to smoke.
        I don't know yet what the Horseshoe is doing as far as smoking...I've heard a couple of things..I've heard the room itself will be non smoking, with smoking tables in the pit area, and I've heard it will be the same as last year, where seats 1 thru 5 are smoking and 6 thru 10 non smoking..I've also heard it will remain all, I don't have any officail word on that. The Horseshoe will be spreading the white chip ($1) and read chip ($5) games....4/8, Omaha and HoldEm, 10/20 and 20/40 HoldEm and possibly some 30/60. Most 30/60 and higher limit games will be spread in the tournament room on the 2nd floor of the Goldstrike. Anywhere you play ring games during the first 2 wks of the WPO, you can expect there to be waiting lists.

        Again, let me remind you...when you get to the casinos..go to the Players Club desk and get a players card. Each casino issues their own and uses them for giving comps for meals and you put them in slot machines to earn points that translate to $$$$. The normal rate is 1000 pts, = $25. If you play table games, present them when you buy in and your play will be rated toward comps. You have to ask for what you want. Don't be afraid to ask...the worst that can happen is they tell you
        As far as eating, you should have no trouble getting free meals anywhere you play. You can get a ticket from the floor person in the tournament room at the WPO for the buffet set up for the players, or to use in one of the GS resturants, and at the Horseshoe, you can get a comp for the Village Square Buffet, or the snack bar, or if you prefer to keep your seat while you eat, they will have food service available at your table from the snack bar. The Grand also offers buffet comps to players, and food service during the game, tableside.
        If you decide to leave your game to go eat and want to keep your seat...wait until a new dealer comes into the game, and take one hand from the new dealer then get up to go eat. This gives you the maximum hour and fifteen minutes to be away from the game without being "picked up". If you are gone longer than the allowed time, you chips will be picked up by the brush, cashed out and the money put in an envelope with your table and seat # on it, placed in a locked drawer and you must get it returned to you from the floor person. At the Horseshoe, if you are picked up for being away too long, if you tell the Brush person (that's the guy with the list) will be the first person put back into a game.
        Hope these lil tips help any of you who may not be familiar with proceedures in casino poker rooms.



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            Sounds good to me, a good loose private game LOL


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              is anyone interestted in a room game, easy to buy a rack and take to room just curious


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                  Tx for all the information PG, and for being our "inside" girl for the convention. Its much appreciated!

                  Can u call ahead to the pokerrooms to get on lists? If so, could u post the poker room numbers.

                  Id play in a room game with u freddie, as long as we kept the limits reasonable (u know, 300-600 or less ) After all, it wont exactly be a game any of us would normaly choose to sit down in. Maybe a low buy-in pot-limit game?



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                    Yes, you can call the casino and get on waiting lists. You go on the list with the time of your call noted. After one hour, if you have not arrived, you are rolled to the bottom of the list. After two hours, your name is removed. When you arrive, you take your postion on the list where you are at the time of your call.

                    The numbers for the casinos:

                    The Horseshoe.... (toll free) 1-800-558-2387 (local) 662-357-5500

                    The Grand 1-800-Win4Win

                    GoldStrike 1-888-245-7529

                    These are main access numbers, when the operator answers, ask for the poker room.



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                      PG or anyone know what the starting chips are for the sats in Tunica?

                      Need to set up my Wilson Software for practice. :roll: :roll:


                      Sailor Moe
                      2 Time Bracelet Winner


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                        Last year:

                        Early on in the tournament they gave out t500 to t800 in some satillite tournaments (one and two tables).

                        If the satillites start lasting to long they reduce the number of chips to t400 or t500.

                        The satillite structure usually starts with 5/10 blinds because the chip counts start so low. They increase every 10 minutes. If the satillite are going with-in 60 minutes of the start of the next tournament they will escalate them to 5 minutes to complete the satillite before the tournament starts.

                        Some players also organize one-hand satillites. 10 or fewer players put up the buy-in for the satillite and the player that catches the board wins for that one hand. Now thats quick. :lol: