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Thanks Freddieboy and Bruno

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  • Thanks Freddieboy and Bruno

    Thanks to both of you for your strong support of fair play during your broadcasts. Fair play and these broadcasts can easily co-exist when the parties involved desire for it to happen.

    I wish Mark would have been able to join the show, but I can understand the difficulty he has with the time difference plus preparing to head to the states for the WPO. I guess we must now wait for him to post his thoughts in the forum.

    I wish Raiderman and Top2Pair had the same sense of fair play that both of you shown. Unfortunately they appear to have taken the stance that they are entitled to voice their opinions anytime and place disregarding any potential to affect a hand in play.

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    Man, this should be fun to watch.


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      Sorry Joe I have to disagree with you here. Example, last nights $200 5k added. I was on the show with Top & Raiderman, it got down to 15 players left and they asked me to leave the show since I was still very much alive in the tournament in order not to cause any contraversy. Thier show is insightful and amazing, Joe although I have you down as the smartest member in the forum you are wrong on this one. Don't worry one mistake shouldn't hurt your ranking

      Thief 21


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        I missed their broadcast of final table of that event as I called it a night after the WPO round 1 event. At the beginning of their broadcast they were quite adamant concerning their 'right' to broadcast whatever they choose. They even stated that if you did not agree with their position you should not tune into their show.

        I am glad to hear that they chose fair play when the opportunity presented itself.