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Wilson software for Omaha high

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  • Wilson software for Omaha high

    After determining the best starting hands, what do I do? Do I determine if various hands are playable with various flops? Do I run simulations with various flops? This is a serious question.

    I can see how to proceed with determining various starting hands. After that I am lost. Very little has been written about this game compared to hold'em. But I am sure there is as much to know about Omaha as there is about hold'em. I am willing to put in the time, but I need a lot of direction.

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    Dear Drawing Dead,

    When you are new to PLO I would recommend you do as I have done. First, make sure you simulate all types of "hot and cold" heads-up match-ups. For instance, you simulate AAxx against playable hands like KKxx, AKQJ, T987, 7766, to see how these type of hands fare against each other. (Take into account the suitedness of hands). When you have done that, and once you have gotten a good insight in the relative value of certain hands when up against others, it is time for the next step. You now start making the following kinds of match-ups for the flop and turn: top set against wrap straight, straight vs. set + flushdraw, two pair + open-ender vs. nutflushdraw + overpair + backdoor flushdraw. Now, without having simulated any specific plays, you will have gotten so much insight in the relative strength of hands before, on and after the flop, that combined with the hand-reading abilities I hope you have, you are now on your way to becoming a decent player (because you know, at least in theory, what type of play you should make under certain circumstances). Good luck to you,


    BTW: When I started playing pot-limit Omaha, there was no good software available for the pot-limit version of the game, only for the limit (Wilson's). Hot-and-cold simulations could be done, and have helped my game tremendously, but simulating certain poker situations including betting patterns for pot-limit was just not possible. A couple of days ago, I have received new and improved PLO software, but knowing how difficult simulating pot-limit situations is, I expect nothing much of it. That said, once I've used it, I will let you guys know if it's useful or not.


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      simulating omaha high

      Far out, thank you so much Rolf. I really appreciate it.


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        Was the new software AceSpade, by any chance? The ads are in every Card Player and I'm keen to get hold of something to work on my PLO game.

        thanks, Alan


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          Dear Alan,
          Yeah it was indeed software by Acespade. Unfortunately, it is very bad and will probably hurt players more than it will help them. (Of course, this is just my opinion, and others may feel more positive about it.) If you or anyone else gets hold of other PLO (or PLO8) software, please send it over to me so I can check it out. If I'm not mistaken, someone in the U.K. is supposed to have created his own (non-commercial) big-bet poker software, and I am very anxious to check it out. Knowing how tough it is to simulate big-bet poker situations (AND knowing that big-bet poker software is not that interesting from a business point of view, meaning they might spend less time and money in developing good and realistic software programs), I expect it will take at least a couple of years to get some good big-bet poker software available on the market.