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  • New Upgrade

    I downloaded the new upgrade and was wondering if anyone else who has done so likes it. I don't like the fact that the cards cover your bankroll until it's your turn to act. I think this will slow play because one of the many considerations on a play is the size of my BR. As soon as the cards are dealt, I find myself looking for my BR but have to wait until it's my turn to act to see it. Maybe I just need a memory upgrade in my brain.


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    i wish we could go back to the old table


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      It is very fancy looking and I could get used to the look.

      But downfalls for me are not seeing the bankroll

      I think the rest will grow on me.

      Staff......can this little item be adjusted???


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        i find this a little off putting too

        i also find the graphics slower than before

        and when you have 1k 500$ 100$ and 25$ chips going in it doesnt show them well i think it could be worse when you get to higher stakes


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          i have choose to not download it cause since wednesday that pokermatt was experiencing the software i didnt see anyone happy with the upgrade (even matt)

          i wonder if im missing anything for choosing not to dowload it ??

          i will like to have pso comments on this



          ps.i think i cannot go back to the old version once ive install the new one unless i got a copy of the old on my hd


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            First of all we are dealing with the bankroll being visible at all times right now. Other issues will be dealt with over the coming week. As always with an upgrade it will take a week or so to tweak. We all agree that the BR should be visible at all times and this will be changed immediately. Unfortunately, those of you that have already got the download earlier today will only be able to download the new version from here:


            It is now ready. This full download will also move you up to Java 1.4.1 which is the latest version.



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              I just made a couple other posts regarding v2.13b, which resolves the issue of your bankroll not being visible at all times. It was published at 3:10pm Central time, so anyone who upgraded from v2.12 after that time should already have the fixes. If you upgraded before then, you can download the full install from the link Mark gave above. You can check whether you have v2.13 or v2.13b by clicking on the About button in the Lounge.

              Regarding graphics being slower than before, it is obviously doing more in the way of graphics but fortunately there are several things you can do to improve this. First and most important would be to download the full install from This installer includes the new Java Version 1.4.1, which has a number of graphics related performance improvements. You can check which version of Java you have also by clicking on the About button in the Lounge. Most current users will have Java Version 1.3.1_03. If upgrading to Java Version 1.4.1 does not help enough, then I'd recommend availing yourself of the new "Smooth Fonts" and "Enable Animation" settings. Both of which will make things look nicer, but at some expense in terms of graphics performance (negligable on faster computers).

              Spades, you can still try out the new version if you want. Go ahead and upgrade, then if you do not like it you can uninstall it and reinstall v2.12 from here: Just be absolutely sure to uninstall v2.13 first, since there is an issue when overwriting Java 1.4 with Java 1.3. If you try to log in and it hangs at "Logging in...", then you've run into that issue... :wink:


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                Hey Shawn........

                I clicked your link and redownloaded the full version, that you said has Java 1.4.1.....The download was succesful and install complete....but I still have Java version 1.3.1_03.???

                I have the new version of the saoftware 2.13b...but not the Java??


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                  Strange. The only think I can think of offhand is that you may have the software installed in two different directories. One of which has Java 1.3.1_03 and the other has Java 1.4.1. That was downloaded from, correct? You can also check the size of the PPSsetup.exe file to make sure you have the right one. If it includes Java 1.3.1 it should be about 10MB in size, with Java 1.4.1 it should be about 14MB. Hope this helps!


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                    Thats probably it Shawn......I did DL the 14 MB file...

                    I am in the process of deleting all PP software files and start fresh with the DL...

                    I'll post the results of my adventure.


                    PS...I love computers :surprise:


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                        thnx shawn

                        one thing i will like (and need to know) which is if im missing any feature if i choose to not download the new version?

                        cause if i dont miss nothing ill prefer to wait for the last and final new version..after all the testing and bug fixing

                        i really hate (this is my software experiencing) to do downloads and uninstall and reinstall and so on

                        the only thing you get with this is problems on your laptop and hours to fix those

                        spades 8)


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                          Exactly what has happened to me spades

                          I cleared out all of the pokerpages software files, went and DL the new version, 2.13b.
                          Tried to install in, and setup would not run.

                          Retried this 3 times (thanks to DSL) still no good.

                          So now I just went back to the 2.12 version and will wait for 2.14.

                          BTW, 2.12 setup with no problem.

                          like I said....I love computers


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                            wish i woulda read this before i did that, mine seems to be blurry and i cant get 1.3 java off. i redid it twice.


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                              Originally posted by mats
                              I really don´t like this new version, it sux all the way in my opinion and maybe jsut because i have said that no onw will agree with me lol but it really sux.
                              I think it's great



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