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Should I have called?

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  • Should I have called?

    PSO $200 5K added nlhe

    15 players left

    I am on the button and have 40K, relative short satck at this point in tourney but a couple others are worse off than me. Blinds are 3000/6000 ante 1k

    I am on the button and dealt 99, player in front raises all in for like 12K, I plan to call unless someone else calls in front of me.

    The player to my right calls all-in, but he also has like 12k. The pot is now 36K....

    Do i HAVE to call here? If I believe that one or both of them has overcards then I am a 2-1 dog (yes/no?), but I am getting 3-1 pot odds and I can call without worrying about being busted.

    WHat do you guys think?


    James G

    PS - I suck!

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    what stacks do the blinds have?


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      Thanks I forgot to mention that... both blinds had pretty decent stacks, maybe 80K or more. If I called and one of them comes over the top of me, I would have no choice but to fold. If I call or raised all-in, I would be fearful of one of them entering the hand.



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        I'd try to prevent the blinds from coming in. The first all-in player could have anything. He's in huge trouble with the blinds fast approaching. The 2nd all-in probably has something, but something at a 7 handed table with one round of chips left probably isn't as good as 99.

        These two are in pretty desperate shape and you could be way ahead. They also might have a hand, in which case you could be 1 to 4, but I still think you're getting the right odds.

        The problem is, with only 2+ orbits worth of chips, you've got to get in there and gamble a bit. If you sit out an entire round, you become dangerously shortstacked and you want to have enough firepower to make people laydown a hand. You're at the stage where you need enough chips to steal a round with less than premium hands. Get your stack in.

        Peace, Starrs.


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          and if one of blinds calls then u can make money beating them alone for the sidepot


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              i would fold in this spot...12k out of your 40k is quite a bit...fold and pick your spots to pick up the dead money with a larger stack.


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                A call would be the worst option. It would just invite in one or both of the blinds. Of the two remaining choices (all-in or fold) I would probably go all-in with this hand in this spot.


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                  All-in or fold. I'd be inclined to gamble probably. It may depend on the 2 all-ins. Whether they are the type prepared to blind out waiting for a hand or not.


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                    I'm with Fidget and Shane. All-in or fold, depending on your read of the players ahead of you. Do you think that the 2nd person would go all-in with Ax? If so: all-in. They are going to need to make a move quickly because of stack size and blinds approaching. All-in and a call by one of the blinds gives you a chance for the side pot of 48k with one of the blinds.
                    This is one of those make or break opportunites late in the tourney. You've got pot-odds. You've got a mid-pair. You've got a chance to pick up 36k to add to your 40k, and become a Big Stack. I think you have to go all-in here, unless you are sure that the 2nd player would only do this with 1010-AA.


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                      My .02 FWIW. Assuming no good reads then all in or fold, yes. Late in the tournament probably should start considering your tournament EV.

                      Given a wide range of hands the first player would have and a better range of hands for the caller, I put you at a par with the second all in, ~36% to win. You are betting ~1/3 of your stack to double up a little better than 1/3 of the time (not counting the blinds who will call more than 1 of 50 times). How do you play those 40K stacks this late against these players? Do you need to sacrifice 1/3 of your stack 2/3 of the time to vault into the money, or would it matter at all? Not knowing these answers, go with the call for the 14K positive EV and find out. :lol:

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                        I would personally go all-in here. You have to try and double your stack at this point in the game because you dont have long either.



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                          In this situation, I move in- unless the cutoff is playing ridiculously tight poker, he doesn't need a hand anything like as good as yours, and you want to shut the blinds out. This is bound to be worth it in the long run.



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                            Where DO you dig up these 10 month old posts???



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                              Originally posted by Pokergoddess
                              Where DO you dig up these 10 month old posts???


                              Was on a trolling expedition, though haven't found what I've sought so far.................... :?