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would like some advice

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  • would like some advice

    i now its not much at all (believe me, i know) but i have about $110 in my bankroll (real life). and i am wondering what kind of bankroll do i need to play at 1-2, 2-4, 3-6, etc......holdem. just want some insight please?

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    keep in mind im not trying to break the bank or the wife will be VERY MAD.... :lol:


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      where do you play? I don't think $110 is enough for any limit, maybe the $1/$2?

      Good luck....



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        $1/$2 , but the play will be crazy and the variance huge. You'll need massive patience, total discipline and pretty fair skill to survive.

        Why not just play here and spend the $100 on a good night out with your wife ?? :wink:




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          i play mostly home games but was wondering how much i would need in the future. im am trying to build my bankroll (not much) by playing $10 tournies with my friends. there alot of vegas nights around the cleveland, ohio area but i dont want to walk in and not have the right amount of money to play. thanks again and any input would be greatly appreciated


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            for any given night, a 110 dollar nbankroll would be sufficient for a 1/2 game, but if you are planning on playing multiple sessions, then you will ned more. the one thing about poker is you can play a perfect game in any given night, and still come out a loser. sometimes luck just cant be beat, but the key is to mimimize your loses when you are not running good. you could very easily lose 100 dollars plus in a loose 1/2 game. so it is up to youf you want to give i a shot. but for one buy in, for one night, that should be plenty for that size game, as long as you play samrt and solid.


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              If you are a good, solid, patient player, and can pick a game where there is one or two loose/passive players and some good can put em on a hand players, should be able to pay 3/6 or 4/8 in most casino games. But, in doing so, you have to be willing to be bored and sit there and fold lots, and lots of hands, not defend worthless blind hands, and be willing to muck your hand when you miss the flop. You cannot chase str8s and flushes unless the pot odds are good. You also have to know when to leave the game. My reccomendation for first outings is, double your buy in and run like Forrest Gump. If you will bleed it back into the game.
              That's how I started anyway.




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                hi farnold,

                your in ohio??????? if i read your post right i'm about 45 miles east of u in geneva ohio.
                we play home games a lot at my house and if u can save about 1k i know of a big invite game in mentor, but that's still out of my league right now.

                if your interested in talking more and maybe even meeting for a home game let me know, u can pm me here at pso or email me at

                great to see another player from ohio at last, take care jokerAA


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                  It has been my experiance (although very limited) that if you want to have an "evening" of it at the tables, you should have no problem playing 2-4 with $100. But remember in low limit he, you will have to show down the best hand to win. No matter how aggressive you are, you will rarely get someone to muck their drawing hands.

                  30xbigbet is a fair standard to go by, although I will never play with less than 50xbb. Long term 50xbb is almost worthless, but for just an evening out, you shouldn't have a problem.

                  May I reccomend that you read Lee Jones Winning Low Limit Holdem. He does a fantastic job of explaining low limit bankrolls and how to save money by minimizing bad bets.

                  Good Luck!!

                  James G

                  PS - Maybe I should read that book again, it's been a couple years....


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                    thanks james