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Meeting Place at Convention?

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  • Meeting Place at Convention?

    Greetings, fellow students!!! Here's hoping that the holidays have been good to you, and that the New Year brings you everything you desire.

    Our convention in Tunica is rapidly approaching. I know that we are all arriving on different dates and at different times. Could someone suggest an informal meeting place where we, the members of the school, can touch base, meet up, congregate, confer and otherwise hobnob with out brother (and sister) players??? I've never been to either the Goldstrike or the Horseshoe, so I don't know the layouts of the buildings. Could someone who has such knowledge (Pokergoddess comes to mind) suggest a place where we could hang out? Hmmm...there has to be a bar nearby!!!!

    Looking forward to meeting you good people! I leave for Mississippi in 10 days!!! Yahooooooooo!

    See y'all at the tables!
    -Bart M.

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      Well, there is a lobby area outside the tournament room, on the second floor of the Goldstrike, that is used for smoking, walking, bad beat telling, hobnobbing, etc. There will aslo be, if set up like last year, two dining rooms just off this lobby on the other side, that has round tables and chairs, where you can eat and or sit and have a soda and talk.
      Now...a loose group of us ...and I use the word "loose" in the nicest are planning on meeting up at the Stage Bar in the Gold Strike ( located in the back of the casino from the Hotel entrance, or the front of the casino, if you come from the Horseshoe entrance...the bar with the live band playing) around 3am on Thurs. Jan. 9th. Why 3am you might ask???? Simple...that's when I get off work!!!!
      Other than that, I'm not sure where everyone might end up. Soooo feel free to join us at the bar, where we will be trash talking and wagering on "last longer" bets, etc., and be on the lookout around the tournament room.
      I know the "official" mtg is in the Theatre (top of escalator, str8 ahead) for the registration for the PSO tourney on the 9th. Since we will all be receiving PSO shirts, if everyone puts theirs on, should be easy to spot people after that. Of course, we hope that you won't be wearing the shirt for the duration of your visit, as they will tend to smell after all the sweating in the tournament.
      Look forward to seeing everyone here soon !!! If I can be of any assistance, other than bankrolling you, don't hesitate to make a post or PM or email me @ .



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        Originally posted by thehazyone
        Zipman's room!!!!
        For those of you not knowing, there will be a wet bar and an additional keg of beer in my room. The door will be open...I just hope my wife doesn't decide to come!!!!


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            Let me assure you hazy...I understand my place in the grand scheme of things...and when there's poker 24/7, you definitely don't have to worry about the zips getting busy!


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                  hey Amy i need u to meet Ashley and give her the heads up on this kinda thing.

                  Oh yeah not the getting busy but the knowing her place when its 7/24 poker .

                  oh yeah and dont tell her about this.


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                    Zipman's room it is!

                    We are coming in on the 8th or sooner and will be a mite parched from the roadtrip. Look forward to some serious fun. I'll just assume you boys know how to party.